Zombie Founder Danny Boice, dead man walking

The problem with Zombie’s like Danny Boice is they don’t know they’re dead. Danny Boice, dead man walking.

Danny’s soon to be ex-wife and ex-retroactive Trustify founder Jen Mellon has left the building. This week her LinkedIn status went from presently employed at Trustify to ended employment in 2018. On LinkedIn for married co-founders of a dumpster fire, this is the Facebook relationship status equivalent of “it’s complicated.”

In addition, according to a comment below, Ms. Mellon has removed every picture of her husband, Danny Boice from her facebook page. It appears she is trying to distance herself from the legal jeopardy of being a principal in a fraudelent enterprise.

Call this phone number… it’s Trustify’s phone number 877-854-9976…. and listen to the recording, “you have reached a non-working number.” It’s been a non-working number since Friday night, December 12. Can’t pay your phone bill? Danny Boice, dead man walking.

And Danny Boice is dumber than a brain-eating zombie. You know what’s dumb? Hiring a Press Relations firm because you need them to pull the full-Rumplestiltskin and spin your dumpster fire into gold. Then rack up $240 thousand in bills for the company to save your reputation, and then skip out on the bill. Why is that dumb? Because your own PR Agency is now highlighting your skeeveyness in a lawsuit. Dini von Mueffing (DVM) sues Danny Boice, dead man walking for $240 thousand, legal fees and damages.

The suit makes several interesting claims:

  1. He attempted to defraud DVM by forging a fraudulent receipt of payment
  2. Trustify’s CMO resigned over Trustify’s ethical issues
  3. Danny doesn’t pay his bills.

What a bone head. Dumb Danny Boice, dead man walking, hires a firm to silence a critic, they failed, the Washingtonian article still is damaging, and now by not paying the PR firm he amplified the message. One Washingtonian article became four widely distributed stories, 1) The Washingtonian, 2) The Law Suit, 2) my response to the Washingtonian Article and 4) The Washington Business Journal article by Andy Medici, (The article can is behind a paywall and can be found here).

Danny Boice, dead man walking.

Yet, Captain Danny Boice, dead man walking, skipper of the Titanic is rearranging deck chairs as his sinking ship looks more like the Nautilus with screen doors than a first-class cruise ship. On December 11, 5 new 5 star reviews showed up on Glassdoor, (and on December 12, a entire new group of 5 star reviews. Trustify has more 5 star reviews from “current employees” in the lsat 2 days than they have had employees in the last 90 days.) all using similar wording after weeks of one star reviews. Those phony reviews won’t help anyone (see this post). He’s looking to hire more people? I hope he has them call in on his disconnected phone number to interview. After all, who wouldn’t want to work for a company that is noted for not making payroll and stiffing it’s vendors including all of their Private Investigators. Working for a Danny Boice, dead man walking is a great career move… if you’re a Zombie.

Oh, and according to Andy Medici of the Washington Business Journal, the Arlington Police were called to Trustify in November. That was the day that Danny fired 7 employees for lodging a formal complaint with the National Labor Relations Board because he was not paying employees. It was reported to me that during the meeting, Danny Boice, acted aggressively and concerned employees called the police.

Yes, for some reason Danny is trying to pretend that he’s not a zombie, but just like in the sixth sense… the dead, don’t know they’re dead. Danny Boice, dead man walking.