Why AdvisoryCloud is Failing

Want to know why AdvisoryCloud is failing? For the same reason ExecRanks  (now AdvisoryCloud) failed.

Want to know why AdvisoryCloud is failing? Because they fail their customers.

Want to know why AdvisoryCloud is failing? For the same reason they fail their employees.

If you don’t know what AdvisoryCloud is, let me help you. Have you ever stepped in a stinking pile of poo, festering with flies and then spend hours trying to scrape that crap off of your shoes only to get it all over your hands and clothes? That’s AdvisoryCloud’s business model. That’s AdvisoryCloud!

AdvisoryCloud is a company that charges people who aspire to be paid advisors, but don’t have the common sense to do any research before buying a product that has virtually failed every single customer they ever had, to put these people, who already displayed a lack of judgment to get paid positions as advisors, dispensing the kind of advice that disqualifies them as advisors as evidenced by the fact that they are AdvisoryCloud customers (You might want to read that sentence a few times and then ask yourself, how the Washingtonian Magazine had the nerve to accuse me of writing rambling prose).

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The good news for the world and the bad news for the three scam artist C-level execs at advisory cloud is the company is failing.

The AdvisoryCloud C-Level Crooks

  • Jonathan Aspatore, Founder & CEO – A greedy unethical sleaze with no accomplishments of note.
  • Dallas Bond, Founder & COO – Just another schmoo who has never been near a board room. But you have to admit he’s got a great name for a cheap-ass graphic novel.
  • Chris Beaver, Founder & CMO – The Beaver lacks any high-level relevant business background who if he was working for a real company he’d be the receptionist… not that there is anything wrong with that.

They had a major lay-off of staff a few weeks ago. Customers are quickly figuring out that they’ve been scammed (see AdvisoryCloud review). These people start wondering why they aren’t even getting one single interview and then they do their research and find out too late they’ve been scammed. When this happens, when they call to complain and ask to cancel the AdvisoryCloud support folks offer to allow the person to continue at $50 per month instead of the $200 dollars per month.  After all, $50 per month for nothing is a much better deal than $200 a month for nothing.

The AdvisoryCloud business model is seemingly inspired by the old Dire Straights song, “Money for Nothing.”

By the way, I’m starting a new competitor to AdvisoryCloud, It’s called AdvisoryScam, in which I promise to work twice as hard as AdvisoryCloud with a 200 percent increase in results for 1/2 their discounted price. Quick, send me a check for $25 dollars before you pull out your calculator and do the math. In return, like AdvisoryCloud, I’ll cash your check and eat another bonbon before I forget all about you. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it. Money for Nothing… Baby!

Want to know why AdvisoryCloud is failing? It’s not because of the employees. The “executive team,” has diabolically siloed the organizations so that they are in the dark about the company’s failure.

Here’s how they work?

The B2C Salesforce, who sell to people who think they will get paid advisory positions are kept separate from the customer success/operations folks and therefore the Salesforce doesn’t know that the people they signed as customers feel they have been scammed. That is the task of the poor harried operations folks.

Many of these salespeople have no idea that they are selling a scam and when they figure it out and raise the red flag, they are dismissed. These B2C salespeople are told that the B2B (the people who are responsible to sign up corporations looking for advisors) are selling 200 – 300 new companies a month when in reality they’d be lucky if they signed 2 -3. The B2C salespeople are misled to thinking that there are hundreds of open positions for the prospects they are talking to.

The result there is an over-abundance of people looking for an underwhelming number of positions.

So folks, if you’re looking for good salespeople and you have a real product, AdvisoryCloud which is a horrible place to find an advisory position may be a great place to recruit good salespeople. These people would be hungry to sell for a real company that delivers value to clients. I hear a sales manager recently fired a saleswoman who worked for him and with whom he was having an affair, and when that was reported to HR, they looked the other way. The migrants in migrant camps on the southern border have better morale than the AdvisoryCloud employees (check out the AdvisoryCloud Glassdoor and employees… make sure to post your reviews here).

Meanwhile, AdvisoryCloud is unlikely to be around much longer. They are hemorrhaging cash and the sleaze bucket founder, CEO, Jonathan Aspatore is forced to reach into his pocket and fund his failing dumpster fire as he lies, abuses and scams customers and employees alike.

I know that the employees read this blog post. For them, here’s my advice, if you agree that your company is a scam, quit. Don’t ruin your reputation working for a liar and a cheat… it won’t end well. Save your reputation and look for a real job. Hell, this high-living scumbag, Jonathan Aspatore, doesn’t pay you enough. Most of you are forced to have second jobs to earn a living wage. So go drive an uber, wait tables, make coffee, play guitar on a street corner with a tip hat, but don’t cheat people by telling them you’re going to get them paid advisory positions that your not going to get them and don’t forget to tell Glassdoor how much you love the company and the yahoos that run it.

Want to know why AdvisoryCloud is going to fail? That’s why! … and Jonathan-baby… go have your attorney call me again. I loved talking to him last time, he was a nice guy who sounded embarrassed to be representing a company of crooks.

Note: The company known as ExecMagic has a similar business model. Is equally as bad a company. ExecMagic was founded by a scumbag that worked for ExecRanks (now AdvisoryCloud) and he duplicated their business model of screwing customers for a fee (see this post). Hmmm, isn’t screwing people for money the oldest profession.

Money for Nothing!

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