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WhoopAss Thankfulness

On this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for WhoopAss

I’m thankful for:

  • All the turds who have allowed me to blow off steam by opening a can of WhoopAss on them, especially Danny Boice, Jenifer Mellon, Evan Burfield and many more.
  • For that lovely Demand Letter that loser Boice from Dumpster Fire Trustify sent me and all the fun my readers and I derived from that. I’m also very thankful that Boice couldn’t afford a decent attorney! Thank you!
  • For my readers and fans who feed me tips and information
  • For all the authentic business people who are building real businesses and not
    • working on the intersection of this and that
    • thinking outside the box
    • creating kickass communities
    • disrupting the world
    • innovating innovative inventions
    • creating highly-segmented uber-nichey identity communities that exclude intelligent people of high character because they are the wrong, religion, ethnicity, national origin and emphasizing our differences in place of promoting inclusion (okay, maybe I’m just whining because there isn’t a meetup for Cranky Old White Dudes and I feel slighted)
  • Most of all I’m thankful for my clients, friends, and family

In Celebration of my thankfulness, I’d like to highlight some of the folks who I’ve presented with unopened cans of WhoopAss through the years (in no particular order because if it was in the order of importance my brother David would be last).

Rebecca Cooper Dubrin

Rebecca Cooper Dubrin and Mr. Carnky on the set of Washington Business Week


Ron Schmelzer

Ron Schmelzer – Tech Breakfast


Michael Chasen then CEO Social Radar now CEO Precision Hawk


Larry Schlang, CEO Bantu


John Backus, Proof Fund


Joe Enrico – SkyCreek


Don Rainey – Grotech


Tom Davidson – Everfi


Arman Eshraghi – Qrvey


Jamey Harvey - Courage LLC

Jamey Harvey – Courage LLC


Joe Corbett – Tech.co & Random Nerds


Sean Griffey – Industry Dive



Marty Ringlein – nVite


Bill Draper – Gusto POS


Tyler Gray – Gray Street Solutions



Raj Khera – Mailer Mailer



Doug Fruehling & Robert Terry – Washington Business Journal


Marc Gonyea – memoryBlue


Fred Diamond – Institute for Excellence in Sales


Brett Guidry – Gusto POS