Open Letter to Whiny Jason Feimster

Poor little whiny Jason Feimster. He’s being bullied! I know this because I just read his comment on a LinkedIn post.  It went like this:

What are we at again? Speaking of conducting due diligence, have we ever spoke? I find your negative press and borderline lies almost amusing. However, your cyber bullying rhetoric is getting a little over played.

It sounds like the ex-Marine, and big-time VC, who runs a $70 million Venture Fund (according to Feimster) is being bullied by a little old man who isn’t a VC running a $70 million fund. Either Mr. Cranky is a bully or whiny Jason Feimster thinks you can be bullied by facts.

Jason was responding to this post on LinkedIn that linked to this post.

So I want to respond to this complaint in an open letter:

Dear Whiny Jason Feimster,

It is true we have never spoken. It is also true that I have only presented facts and from those facts, made several assertions. I’m concerned that you believe that there are borderline lies. I assure you that if there are any lies in my posts, and you can prove to me I am in error, I will remove the posts and sing your praises!!!!

Let’s address the facts:

  • You are a plagiarist – as outlined in the post, AlleyWatch Plagiarism Hosting 3Si’s Jason Feimster, either you have plagiarised the over 15 articles from 15 different authors or 15 different authors have decided to plagiarise you. Everyone know’s you plagiarised these articles. Want me to stop presenting the facts (or as you say, stop being a big bad bully to whiny Jason Feimster, big time VC and ex-marine)? Take the articles down and apologize to the authors.
  • You don’t run a $70 million fund – You don’t run a $1 million dollar fund as you claim. If I’m wrong, you will be able to do what all real VCs do. Present me with the filing data to the SEC proving you raised $70 million. Who put up the money. Also, kudos to you for writing this article below all by your little self. There is a marked difference between this poorly written yarn and the articles you plagiarize. In the article below and in many other places you claim you run a $70 million fund. You don’t. One of us is lying.
  • The Team – In the video featured in this post, “Jason Feimster How Venture Capital Works,” you talk about your team (see quote following this paragraph). Please tell us what 20 people are part of your team. Highlight which of them make up the “majority are engineers” and from which top-tier universities they earned their PhDs. Also please explain why multiple people, as explained in this post, “3Si’s Team – The Best And The Brightest,” say they are not members of your team and have asked to be removed from your website. Either explain these anomalies or remove the people from your website who are not on your team and correct the record.
    • “Our team is very lean as far as a VC firm. We’ve got about twenty. The majority of which are engineers, PhDs from top-tier universities and the like given, that we do show preference to technology. We have a very competent and I’m very proud of our legal team. You know that does the legal due diligence and then last but not least, we focus on the financials. You know our CFO senior investment officer, etc.”  – Whyny Jason Feimster
  • VC versus Stacked Credit Cards – I have in my possession agreements that whiny Jason Feimster sent to multiple prospective clients. These agreements authorize you to apply for multiple credit cards guaranteed by the client. This appears to be the funding you are getting for the clients. Jason, that is not a VC deal. You are not a VC.

Now, young man, instead of being a whiny Jason Feimster, put on your big boy pants, and explain how these are borderline lies on my part. Because they are not borderline lies on your part, they are outright fraud. I would be overjoyed to be proven wrong. On the day you prove that you are a real VC, that you manage a $5 million dollar fund, that you have a team of 3 competent experienced executives on your team, and that you wrote any of the articles that I have stated you plagiarized. I will retract every post, apologize publically and post what an idiot I’ve been.

Since you will not be able to do any of that… I’m going to do you a favor. Read this about how to handle bad press, Company PR Crisis Management. Basically, it’s best not to be a whiny little bitch.

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