Where Oh Where Has My Little Matthew Pugsley Gone

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone. Oh Where Oh Where Can He Be? Matthew Pugsley, big time CEO of big-time Chalant Health… where did you put your website? Today it looks like this!

What’s happening at Chalant Health? What’s Happening with Matthew Q. Pugsley, conman and ex-convict?

He’s moved (probably evicted) from his apartment in the Mosaic District of Falls Church Virginia. He’s found some sucker and future evictor to rent him a house on Prince William Drive in Fairfax.

What’s Up, Matt? How many times have you been evicted in the last 5 years? It has to be some kind of record. Are you still trying to lure suckers into investing in your fake company so you can pay your personal bills? Are you going to start another scam company because the Chalant Health house of cards caved in?

Is your girlfriend of questionable integrity Jan Ridgely, the CEO of United Charitable no longer able to support you?  What’s going on? Inquiring minds want to know.

For those of you who are thinking of making an investment in Chalant Health, if that’s still a thing, or whatever his next scam will be and for those of you who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars Matthew Pugsley cheated you out of in US Scan, here’s more stuff you should know about the Pugster:

(UPDATE: June 10, 2018 – As of today it appears that this clown, Matthew Q. Pugsley was able to scrape up a few nickels to get his web site back up. We learned something that his website is a cheap ass WIX-based site. Good for the Pugster who was able to come up with 6 dollars to put his site back up this month. WIX is the website for people who can’t afford a professional individualized web site. It’s great for conmen who want to just put up a quick site and pretend you have a business.) 

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