When You Block Me…

Devin Nunes, a congressman is suing Twitter and two twitter characters named @DevinNuneMom (suspended) and @DevinCow for defamation and seeking $250 million in damages. Is that what you call a snowflake (help out Deven’s Cow and donate)?

Why doesn’t he just block them?

I don’t block people on Twitter… you can tweet anything you like at me. Go ahead tweet to me at  @glehel, I won’t block you. Because if it’s true… I earned it. If it’s a lie…  lies do not define me.

On the other hand, there are ass loads of ass hats that block me. Those people are either week, or the truth hurts. It defines them as cowards. It lets me know I hit a nerve. Here’s the thing, if tweets can harm you, then you are too week to defend yourself. If the tweet fits, wear it. If the tweet is true and it hurts… own it!

Here’s a salute to the tweeter who block me and some of the tweets they think I can’t see. You know that I see your tweets right? You know that my non-glehel twitter handles that you didn’t block can read your stuff.

So let’s have some fun with the folks who block me. Let’s keep score. Who blocks Mr. Cranky?

Danny Boice – Well, there’s good old morally and financially bankrupt deadbeat dad, Danny Boice. You can tweet this to him at @DannyBoice, Send him my thoughts and prayers Please tell him that if he’s lucky, he’ll only have to spend 7 years in a federal penitentiary. Danny’s estranged wife and retroactive Trustify co-founder, deleted her twitter page and Danny’s burning pile of turds, he calls Trustify also blocks me. Score one for Mr. Cranky.


Jonathon Perrelli – Then there’s little Jonny Perrelli. Not an evil little boy, just a poor clown who believes his own PR. He’s failed as a VC and is now failing at the only company he ever founded. Poor little Jonny, raised $5 million, 5 years ago to create a liquid PEZ dispenser he calls LifeFuels. Five years later he has nothing to show for it but meaningless pay-to-play, CES awards, and press clipping. Sadly, Jonathon’s investor funded a toy that he calls a company, LifeFuels also blocks me. Score two for Mr. Cranky.


Jason Feimster – Speaking of Fake VCs, for some reason the professional goat rodeo roper, Jason Feimster of 3Si blocks me too. I don’t know what happened to his personal Twitter account at FT_hustler but 3SI_holdings blocks me. Check out all the blogs this goon plagiarized from other sources and tweet to him at 3Si_holdings. That’s three.


Alexandra Stanton – And then there is pompous, social climber, Alexandra Stanton.  One day this know nothing is telling anyone who will listen that Trustify is the best thing since sliced bread (see this TV Interview) and three months later she’s signed on to a lawsuit suing the company officers for fraud and embezzlement. Trustify was a sure bet investment and a healthy growing company…. three months later they were evicted from their offices and sued by the landlord for $250 thousand, sued by former employees and sued by Stanton’s buddy Dini Von Mueflin. I wonder why she blocks me? But you can say hi to this huckster for me right here at @ACStanton. That’s four.


Andy Powers – The State of Virginia has already uncovered multiple cases of fraud, by this guy who closed up shop in DC and moved to Santa Monica. He’s a well-known con man who will be doing time for wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement and impersonating a human. Check him out at @CliqueAP. Five!


Dan Krueger – Here’s a back-slapping, grin f#&ker who defines the very term transactional. He’s all sunshine and smiles when he needs you and has no time for you once he’s milked you of any value. Check him out at @danklueger. We’re up to six.


Julian Miller – Awww, Julian Miller, he’s addicted to attending accelerators and he doesn’t seem fond of running a business. He’s been sued for non-payment by several employees but I love him most for the whiny little bitch letter he wrote to Steve Blank. Check him out at @JulianMiller. Seven!


Ross BlankenshipBlankenship is a huge fraud. He is most successful at failing. Every business he’s ever started failed and there is no customer of his Angel Kings empire that will give him a positive review. If Tar and Feathering was still a thing, that’s how Ross would have left DC. Instead, we just laughed him out of town. There are many who wish they never met him (read reviews). Check him out at RossBlankenship. Eight!


Adam Besvinick – Besvinick is the loser at Anchorage Capital who is the “Venture Investor” novice that put money in a stinking dumpster fire called Trustify. He should be sued by his partners and limited partners for putting $7 million dollars in the hands of Danny Boice, at Trustify without doing a background check, requiring 3rd party independent audits, and a seat on the board. He blocked me after I copied him on tweets and articles outlining the fraud at Trustify back in October 2018.. He would rather not hear about it than do something about it. Six months later, the clowns at Anchorage are suing Trustify and its officers for fraud and embezzlement. Who knew? Well maybe except me and my buddy Adam Besvinick, master of the universe, big time VC and laziest VC ever. Check out his gorgeous golf swing at @Besvinick. And that’s nine folks!

There’s a company that scams people to aspire to sit on corporate boards, called AdivosryCloud (aka ExecMagic and ExecRanks). They take your money and then they go to work for you by cashing your check. That’s all they do. You won’t be getting a board seat with these Bozos. 


Surprises that don’t block me:

Let’s give credit where credit is due.  There are two fellows who I have taken to task a time or two that don’t block me.  To these two, I say I salute your fortitude:

  • Peter Corbett – Peter is a great businessman, a visionary with a slight ego problem. Sometimes he’s a little tone deaf. But he’s not intentionally evil.
  • Evan Burfield – Evan is a Guru. He’s a promoter who exaggerates facts. Like the time he said he engineered the profitable sale of a company he founded, netDecide. The only problem with that story is the board fired him from netDecide, the sale took place 2.5 years after they fired him. He was in the UK at the time going to college and I have verified not only was the sale a major loss for the investors, but Evan had nothing to do with it. Evan’s is the best businessman he ever met!

In Summary

If you don’t want people to say bad things about you… don’t do bad things. If you didn’t do anything that embarrasses you, than you should be able to defend yourself. If you do foolish things and you don’t mind people talking shit about you… carry on!

Disclaimer: I volunteer my time and am an independent contractor for many organizations. The Views on my blog post are my own and do not represent the views of any of the organizations with whom I dedicate my time. That includes my clients in my coaching practice, the members of my Driven Forward ThinkTank, the University of Maryland. Mach37, The Founders Institute. These views also do not reflect the opinions for any organization that I was formerly associated with including, James Monroe Elementary School, where I graduated with distinction from 6th grade, Lexitron which I left in 1982, Montgomery Youth Hockey or Vistage an organization was grateful to be a part of and happily parted ways in 2014.