What Did Bucknell Alumni Association Do With Jen Mellon?

When Jen Mellon was the President of Trustify she reportedly spent over $800 thousand on PR efforts. Most of that money was directed to pump up her public persona and build her fame. Today all of that is tumbling down. Everything Mellon touches turns rotten. Today, Jennifer Mellon, parlayed Trustify Investor-funded PR to land a job she is totally unqualified for as the confidential assistant to Niel Chatterjee, of FERC. Will Mellon’s long unending record of failures continue at FERC and bring down the US Government?

Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page of Jennifer Mellon’s accomplishments before we move on to her latest achievement in Failure.

  1. Executive Director of Failed 40-Year-Old Charity – According to Jen Mellon’s LinkedIn page (since removed but here is a copy Profile Jen Mellon – linkedin feb 19) Jennifer Mellon was the executive director of the Joint Council On International Children’s Services (JCICS). Shortly after Mellon left the organization and quite probably the reason she left, Pound Pup Legacy, an adoption industry watchdog reported the organization was financially failing and leaked this internal document. The damage inflicted on the JCICS by Mellon proved fatal. The organization is gone… kaput… no more… history.
    • Here’s one way the Pound Pub Legacy described the situation of Jen’s Charity, “During the time frame in which JCICS was active, we’ve seen horrible adoption practices. There were rampant child trafficking issues from Romania, Guatemala and Ethiopia. There was abysmal screening of adoptive parents leading to dozens of horrible abuse cases of internationally adopted children. There have been uncountable cases of re-homing of internationally adopted children over the years, and In none of that JCICS did a thing to make things better.”
    • Thank goodness she failed there too! Against Child Trafficking (ACT) an organization that fights child trafficking rejoiced at the announcement that JCICS had closed their doors.
    • The Child Catchers – A book that documents rampant child trafficking embedded in the international documents a case where JCICS investigated charges of child trafficking in Ethiopia by an affiliate of the JCICS and then refused to release the results of the investigation.
  2. Co-Founder and President of Failed Startup Trustify – As a co-founder, former board member and corporate offices, Jen Mellon is a defendant in a lawsuit brought by Anchorage Capital alleging multiple charges of Embezzlement, Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud (See Law Suit).

Yet Mellon spins her failures as wins as she works that pr machine. She squandered hundreds of thousands of investor dollars to ensure that when Trustify failed, she would be unscathed. Mellon deployed $800 thousand of embezzled Trustify Investors’ dollars on a personal PR campaign that garnered her multiple meaningless glitter traction awards. For instance, the 2019 Bucknell Alumni Honors. Now even some of those awards are unraveling. The FBI is investigating her company for fraud. Oh and one of her PR firms is sueing Jen’s company for $250 thousand dollars. In fact, Mellon’s company Trusityf owes Investors and Suppliers over $10 million.

Just a few months ago, in April 2019, the Bucknell Alumni Association announced that Jen Mellon was one of four 2019 alumni honorees

But today, one of those four honorees is gone from the web page. Where did Jennifer Mellon go? Jen Mellon was un-honored, dehonored… unrespected… by the Bucknell Alumni (see page)

After two failed marriages, two failed companies (Trustify and the Joint Council On International Children’s Services, Jennifer Mellon is a proven failure and no one has failed more often more publically than Mellon. If Mellon did graduate from Bucknell as she asserts, that just maybe her solitary success in life and congratulation to Bucknell to surviving Mellon’s years at your esteemed University. Now that she works as a Presidential Appointee of a failing US Administration, will she bring down this Government with the same efficiency that they tanked her marriages and other employers? Today we honor Failure, Jennifer Mellon, as a failed Bucknell Alumni Honoree of 2019.

June 9, 2019 UPDATE: Did you know that the largest Chapter of the Mr. Cranky Fan Club is the Bucknell Alumni Chapter? I keep getting emails of support from former Bucknell classmates of Jen Mellon. I am sure that I have only heard a small sample of the heinous acts Jennifer Cruella Mellon perpetrated on Bucknell Alumni. There are very few people who have spent a considerable amount of time with Cruella that have nothing but contempt for her. She’s selfish, cruel, self-serving, transactional, monster.