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How To Find The Best Washington DC Peer Advisory Group

Washington DC Peer Advisory Group List

How do you go about finding a great Washington DC Peer Advisory Group?

Well, there are several choices, all of them viable, but are they viable for you?

What are your choices for a Washington DC Peer Advisory Group say you?



1 on 1 Coaching Monthly Cost Extras
Netcito Assisted No $95 – $195 Education
EO Self-Facilitated No $200 Social Club
Vistage Professionally Mandatory

$1,000 – $1,400

Facilitated Intranet
TAB Professionally Yes


Facilitated Speakers
ThinkTank Professionally Optional


Can of WhoopAss


*prices are best estimates

  • NetCito – Is a DC area company. Founded in DC and tends to be focused on the tech community. The peer advisory group is self-facilitated. A viable low-cost choice.
  • EO or Entrepreneurs Organization– Described by many as Clubby and a Social Club that centers on speakers, networking/social events and also offers the opportunity for members to join self-facilitated peer advisory groups. More focused on those who believe they “made it” than those that want to drive growth.
  • Vistage – The grandpa of peer advisory group Vistage is over 50 years old. It is professionally facilitated by 1099 contractors called, chairs. Chairs go through a rigorous selection and training program and many wash-out without ever starting a group. Vistage Groups can be as large as 18 members. Vistage’s high cost is driven by speakers at meetings, the overhead of the corporation (paying for staff, marketing, chair recruitment, etc.), expensive marketing budget, the intranet, and other bundled services that are not optional. Vistage Chairs are paid between 35% – 70% of the membership fees. Vistage is a PE owned company where growth is as important and member satisfaction. In DC, there are some very good Vistage Chairs and groups.
  • TAB – The Alternative Board –  A Franchise Organization where the local facilitator receives 8 days of training which includes coaching and training on how to run a business training. Franchisees pay as much as $47,000 to have the honor to hang out a TAB shingle. They also share from 10 – 50% of their income with the Franchiser. The main qualification to be a TAB Franchise Owner and peer group facilitator are the financial requirements of franchise ownership.
  • ThinkTank – Facilitated by me Glen Hellman, Mr. Cranky.  I was trained as Vistage Chair in 2008 and was a Vistage Rookie of the Year.  I left Vistage when I realized that the cost of the service to members went to corporate overhead and services that were unappreciated and often unused by members. As the sole proprietor, I keep overhead to a minimum and retain 100% of my net profit enabling me to provide a professionally facilitated coaching and peer advisory group at a reasonable price. I founded ThinkThank after as a Vistage Chair I was highly incented to fill expensive groups with 16 – 18 members and many unappreciated bundled services. ThinkTank Groups are currently capped at 10 members and will not exceed 12 members.
Notes: on the choices of Washington DC Peer Advisory Group

How do you find the best Washington  DC Peer Advisory Group?

  1. The first step to improving your business is recognizing that you can always use help and additional views on your business. A peer advisory group does that and all of the above groups will help you grow your business.
  2. Meet the facilitator and try them on for fit. If the group is self-facilitated ask yourself if you’d rather join a poker group.
  3. Sit in on a group meeting. Make sure you are culturally and intellectually compatible with the group.
  4. Press this little button thingie below to schedule a complimentary 1 on 1 coaching session and see if you, my group and I are a good fit. If we’re not a good fit and you have the budget, I’ll be happy to recommend one of the many great DC Vistage Chairs as an alternative.


What Else Should You Know About Me?

I’m Glen Hellman and I started my business Career in as a Salesperson in 1978. By 1982 I was managing a Sales Branch for Raytheon Data Systems of 12 Sales People producing $20M in revenue.

I have held Product Managing, Sales Managing and Marketing Positions in High Tech and Services Companies. After an IPO and several 8 figure M&A events. I started a 10-year career working for Private Equity Investors as a Turn-Around Executive.

I started my coaching and peer group facilitation career with Vistage in 2008 in the pursuit of growing companies after 10 years of taking care of sick companies.

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