US Capital Global Event At The Fairmont

If you were one of the lucky people invited to the US Capital Global event at the Fairmont in Washington DC… Good for you! If you were one of the people who missed the event… even better for you. Because the Fairmont, formerly the Ritz is a lovely hotel. There would be great high-quality booze.

But then again, there are several reasons you might not want to be in that room with the tainted US Capital Global team. Let me count them.

  1. US Capital Global’s Employees Hate Them – Excerpts From US Capital Global, Glass Door Reviews:
    • They do not close deals, which causes little $, hence low pay”
    • “upper management is creepy that way towards female interns.”
    • “horrible working environment, especially for women”
    • “everyone hates the management team”
    • “high employee turnover (every month at least 1-2 people gets fired or leave because they hate it here)”
    • “they don’t have a real HR person (you’ll get fired the next day if you complain about management)”
    • “Not a Real Investment Bank”
    • “A lot of the companies we get are in distressed. None of the deals come off of their balance sheet.”
    • “Stay away if you want to become a real investment banker. Some people try too hard to have the obnoxious investment banker attitude.”
    • “Glorified chop shop”
    • “Ethical practices are questionable at best with both their Clients and Employees.”
    • “The worst working experience I have ever had.”
    • “I have never seen such a bad organization and confusion in a company. Too much drama in the firm.”
    • Eh…”
    • “Be more honest about work (to both clients and prospective employees)”
    • “Upper Management is horrible and underpaid staff.”
  2. US Capital Global’s Customers Hate Them – according to lawsuits:
  3. US Global Capital’s Attornies Hate Them – They were sued by their law firm, Vedder Price. When your legal bills add up to $812,000 and you are sued by one of your law firms for $812,000, how are you going to pay your bar bill at the Fairmont? This event may be a buy your own booze event (see this article).

Some of the things that should raise the hair on the back of your neck when you get a note from some innocuous name like US Global Capital. It sounds familiar, it doesn’t stand out… it’s a name that is hiding in plain sight. It’s like the scammy, United Charitable that sounds like United Way Charities but it ain’t no charity. The US Global Capital name is a name that sounds legitimate, even though it seems as legitimate as United Charitable’s older scammy sister company run by United Charitable, CEO, Jan Ridgely’s daddy’s company National Heritage Fund, trying to pretend they were the Heritage Fund and not a company that was found to have absconded with million’s of dollars. If you want to build a real business, you brand it to stand out… if you want to con people, you brand your business to sound like a legitimate business.

Why am I so emboldened to trash these guys? Well, I bet their attorneys are going to wait to get paid before they take on another case for them.

The lesson here is next time you get invited via LinkedIn for free drinks, do a little googlage. These free drinks might cost you money. You might be in a room when the bunco squad (Po Po for you kids) shows up.