Trustify – In Search of The Danny Boice and Jen Mellon Autobiography

JenniBack in March, Danny Boice of Trustify had this huge think tank meeting with a large group of people at the Trustify offices. In attendance, employees, and representatives from a Boston-based PR firm hired to promote Boice’s and Jen Mellon’s “brand,” a production company hired to create a feature-length documentary about Danny and Jen and a publishing company hired to ghostwrite Boice’s autobiography.

The first chapter of the autobiography was written and circulated the Trustify office. I’m told it was hilarious. Danny had a big falling out with the owner of the publishing company a few months later.

I later learned that the company Trustify hired to write the autobiography was The Round Table Companies (RTC), run by CEO, Corey Blake. Aleksandra Corwin was assigned as the ghostwriter.

Once again, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon were spending Investor’s money to pump up their public profiles. This was cash, in a company hemorrhaging cash, that could have been used to build a better company, and make payroll. I’m willing to bet that Danny stiffed RTC, and the other companies involved with this autobiographical book and documentary. I bet RTC is one of the money companies on the list of unpaid Trustify Creditors.

I’d like to ask all former Trustify employees, stiffed vendors, anyone who has been who’s been mistreated by Trustify, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon to send me any information that would make good copy, or could be used by Federal and State authorities to prosecute Boice and Mellon.  If you have the first chapter of this joke of an autobiography please forward to me. I’d like to post excerpts because I’m sure the rest of the world would love to know the “truth” about Boice according to Boice.  If you would like to make the submission anonymously, just create an anonymous email account, that I can respond to a reach out to me here via this link: Contact Me

I would love to end this sad chapter in DCTech history. Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, and Trustify are an embarrassment to our ecosystem. Let’s clean house.

Please send me stuff that I can use to entertain or stuff that the authorities can use to prosecute.

Oh and if you’re an ex-employee… make sure you login to Glassdoor and tell you what you think of that company! Glassdoor Link