Trustify Update — Same Crap, Different Day

Here’s a Trustify Update on what’s happening at the Dumpster Fire, previously and more aptly known as FlimFlam, now known as Trustify.

Many of the people who speak with me about Trustify, Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon point to the surprising fact that these two initially seemed so “charming.” It took spending time with them and truly getting to know them before they saw the evil depravity of the couple. That is the way with Sociopaths. Psychology Today Article, How to Spot a Sociopath, lists “superficial charm and good intelligence” as one of the first signs of a sociopath. If you read through the article, you’ll notice is describes both Boice and Mellon to a tee.

Trustify Update – Employee Turnover

Since it’s founding Trustify has been a revolving door of employee turnover running faster than a turbo-fan on a fighter jet.  Former Trustify employees are traumatized by the experience. They and Trustify customers are the victims of monstrous con artists.

There are 2 kinds of employees who worked or are working at Trustify…

  1. those that have quit or been fired
  2. those that will quit or be fired soon
  3. those that found a home and fit the culture of sleaze, larceny, and lies and are unemployable elsewhere
  4. those that are so dumb they think there are 2 kinds of employees because I said there were 2 but who ignore the fact that there are 4 kinds

In the last few months, 3 different people have contacted me and requested that I remove any image or mention of their name on any of my posts associating them with Trustify. These are people are willing to create big holes in their resumes to disassociate themselves with a cancer. They are willing to look like they were out of work for a long period of time because it is less damaging than saying, “I was so stupid I worked for two scumbags named Danny Boice and Jen Mellon at Trustify. They rather say something crazy like, “I was abducted by aliens for a year,” because it is less damaging to their reputations than saying I worked at Trustify.

Just check out how many ex-employees this company has and how quickly the list is growing (keep in mind that many people have erased Trustify from their LinkedIn profile so they don’t show up as former residents of a Dumpster Fire).

Trustify Update – Regulatory Issues (updated 11/30/2017)

See that little red part there? Looks like the State of Virginia just may be shutting down this unlicensed private investigation service.

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Private
Security Services Advisory Board.

Excerpt from the FINAL Meeting Minutes dated September 27, 20017

Trustify Report – Mr. Rodney Budd and Mr. Michael Ashley
Trustify is a company operating out of northern Virginia for several years, soliciting private investigation business in the Commonwealth of Virginia; without a DCJS business license. The private investigation industry is concerned about the unlicensed activity and what is being done to stop this conduct and prevent them from soliciting business from other regulated industries. This is creating contention and dismay amongst the private investigation industry. As PSSAB private investigator representatives, the industry is looking to them for representation to DCJS and answer(s) as to what is being done in this matter. It is front and center on Ms. Ecker’s desk.

Ms. Fran Ecker advised that DCJS has received the complaint through her office, the investigation and Ms. Ecker’s review/decision are completed; and the administrative findings of the investigation have been communicated to Trustify. DCJS has engaged the Agency’s council at the Office of the Attorney General in representing DCJS’ decision. DCJS is not at liberty to publicly share the decision until the adjudication process is done.

(See Actual PDF Document here)

Trustify Update – Boice’s College Board Employement Termination

Recently, another source came forward confirming the existence of the “Danny Boice College Board Manifesto” which documents all his illicit activities during the time he worked at the College Board. That makes four sources who confirm the existence of the document. Excuse me Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Source, but it if you’re reading this, I still need a copy of the Manifesto, Please email it to me!

From: Anonymous Source
Message Body:

In your article Running Total Of Danny Boice Malfecience, you write about a document/manifesto that was circulated after Danny separated from the company. It was distributed to lots of people at the company *before* he left (and I assume widely recirculated).

The document is hilarious and I assume written by a Reston IT staff member (though I never figured out who).

Please… if you have a copy of this document… you would be doing the world a service by forwarding a copy to me!

Trustify Update – Old News New Data on Sexual Harassment

Based on glassdoor reviews and other sources, multiple managers at Trustify have been accused of numerous instances of sexual harassment and yet the perpetrators faced no retribution. Many of the alleged victims were however fired for reporting the abuse. This was first reported by me in this March 2017 blog post, Dis-Trustify: Is #DCTech’s Trustify Trustworthy? After this post and others, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon threatened to sue me in a Demand Letter (See this great response to their silly demand letter. (Note Trustify Update on Demand Letter: They still haven’t followed up.  They are afraid of what may come out in court and then there is the fact that it’s legal to state true facts and opinions).

The new documentation mentions two instances where two different Trustify execs were reported to management for sexual harassment. My information says that both instances were reported to management and neither exec was disciplined. In at least one of these events, a source says the woman was fired for reporting harassment.

To be fair, another trusted source believes that one sexual harassment claim was non-credible. This source reports that the woman in question had worked for the company for a short period of time and was rarely in the office. That she said she was working from home and meanwhile her Facebook showed she was having drinks at her apartment pool.

Massive and constant firings were upsetting employees, and to calm them, Jen Mellon spoke with employees. Mellon, a noted Woman’s Rights Advocate (according to Jen Mellon), was said to say, “This is our butcher shop and you all are our meat.” For some reason I can’t understand, this did not make the pork chops… I mean employees feel any better.

My sources directly contradict the Demand Letter from low-rent, ambulance chasing, Anthony M. Conti, esquire of Conti Fenn & Lawrence PLLC of Baltimore. In his poorly researched, empty threat, joke of a letter to me he states:

“The republished post asserts that Mr. Boice and Trustify “have fired more than 3 women who have reported sexual harassment charges …. ” Trustify has not fired three women who have reported sexual harassment charges. In fact, Trustify has never had a single reported instance of sexual harassment to its human resources department.”

I have documented sources state there were multiple reported cases of harassment to management and a person serving in the HR role. Sorry, Tony! You should have done at least a modicum of research.

Well maybe now that so many women are speaking up in the #MeToo campaign against powerful men, the harassed women of Trustify will come out to stand up for whats right. I know they’ve been bullied and threatened by scum. I know they are silenced by non-disparagement agreements. These acts, if true, are criminal. They need to see the light of day.

Trustify Update – Handcuffing Former Employees with Non-Disparagement Agreements

Why haven’t they been exposed? For the same reason, Bill O’Rielly’s sexual harassment remained silent for years. Bill O’Reilly reportedly paid a woman $32 million dollars as hush money to not expose the sexual harassment he swears he did not commit.

Taking a lesson from the Bill O-Rielly sexual harassment manual, Trustify uses investor money to silence the victims of the company’s malfeasance. A trusted source supplied me with a copy of a Trustify-ex-employee’s Termination Agreement which includes a release which in return for money, often times in the form of severance pay, the employee must agree that they won’t disparage the company. For employees of little means, this is an effective way to incent employees to agree not to sue the company or say anything nasty about them. I have included some of the most egregious and damning paragraphs of the agreement in the notes at the bottom of the post.

This severance agreement makes it clear to me why Trustify hasn’t followed through on their threat to sue me. Paragraph 12 acknowledges the fact that former employees who accepted a pay-out are not permitted to reveal any information about the company with the exception of, “properly issued summons, subpoena or court order.” What are you afraid of Danny? The Truth? Let’s go to court and discuss it! Want to?

Trustify Update – Other Bits

According to sources:

  • Cash is in a low position after burning through $5 million dollars in recent funding
  • Danny and Jen have been spending Stock Holder money on personal vacations, personal expenses and personal assistants on the company pay. If true, this would be Tax Fraud and Securities Fraud. Hear that IRS? Hear that Virginia State Corporation Commission Division of Securities? My sources report that when they take vacations, they frequently take private jets, stay away for long extended periods of time, and instruct Trustify Employees they are not to be disturbed. Hey, you stupid Trustify Investors… want to pay for my vacations? Email me and I’ll tell you where to send the check.
  • Word is that Trustify will be looking for a new crop of unsuspecting donors… I mean “investors,” to help Danny and Jen continue to live the lifestyle to which they become accustomed to spending stockholder money on luxurious personal expenses.
  • Danny and Jen have 2 personal assistants who run personal errands and perform manual labor paid with Trustify Stockholder money. Their duties include: fixing fences, cleaning,  and yard work. Of course, these two startup entrepreneurs live like rich successful entrepreneurs. Where do they get the money to afford this lifestyle? They have yet to ever succeed in any business endeavor, they didn’t come from money. Their company is not generating enough revenue and is unprofitable. Yet somehow they are able to afford company-paid servants to help them maintain their $1.7 million house that requires a lot of upkeep. Why shouldn’t stockholders pay so that Danny and Jen can live a life of leisure? Don’t believe me? Check out the house yourself. The address is: 8805 Winthrop Dr, Alexandria, VA 22308-2553According to Zillow this house built in 2015 is: 6,510 Square Feet including 6 bedrooms, 5 full and one-half bath. The worst part of this that less than 5 years ago Danny claimed poverty in divorce court and now only pays $700 a month to his ex-wife. The wife he left after starting an affair and cheating on her with her best friend, Jen Mellon. 
  • Employee morale is at an all-time low. Many people are jumping ship and the few remaining intelligent and morally correct employees are looking for jobs. In fact, I have been contacted to help them avoid going to the next dumpster fire.
  • One reason morale isn’t lower is that Danny and Jen rarely come to work. Things suck on daily basis but life is like living in the dungeons of Westeros on the rare occasion that the Mad King and Queen honor lowly serf employees with their presence. The founder and retro-active cofounder leave the management of the company to an unnamed VP. This Glassdoor review seems to corroborate absentee management of the companies Cheif FlamFlammers – Boice and Mellon (check out the Glassdoor reviews for Trustify. You can tell that over half of the reviews are plants from Management and Friends)
  • Sources report that one of the main reasons for low morale is the rapid advancement of an unnamed VP. Based on the description of the VP and conversations with past employees this appears to be the current Vice President of Sales Mary Burns. One source confirms it is Mary Burns.
  • Sources report that this VP, (assumed to be Burns) and I quote one source, ” has been throwing everyone under the bus in an effort to get close to Danny and Jen and increase her pay.
  • Sources report this VP, who one source confirms is Mary Burns, demoted two Directors that have been there for over a year in order to bring in inexperienced, less competent past colleagues from her prior company (mHelpDesk). This has led to two former Director that Mary demoted leaving the company and in turn, several members of their teams followed. There are rumors that Burns left mHelpDesk under a cloud of controversy which would make her muy (Spanish for very, used by Mr. Cranky for no apparent reason except possibly to show that I am a man of the world) compatible with Danny who reportedly left Speek and College Board over significant financial irregularities.
  • Sources report the most senior executive at the company, recently resigned because they could no longer deal with the moral corruption. I understand this executive left on their own with no severance, pay-off and therefore did not sign a release. Hopefully, this person will call the Virginia SCC Securities Division at phone number: (804) 371-1547
  • One difficult to believe but amusing story reported by a source that calls this tip “a wild rumor” is that FlimFlam Dan, is researching the purchase of a mobile office (think food truck but with an office in the back) so he “never has to be disconnected or feel less than the VIP vision of himself. Because having to sit in the backseat of a chauffeured car isn’t luxurious enough…$150k+ price tag.”
  • I have heard from two separate Virginia-based advocacy groups for Private Investigators that they are putting pressure on the state to censor Trustify for operating an unlicensed private investigating agency. I’m assured this is happening in multiple other states. Hear that investors? If that happens all across America Danny will pivot Trustify to be the Uber of Bail Bondsman. That would be an app he will be needing soon.
  • Lastly, as Danny’s reputation started to catch up with him he’s needed some way to appear redeemable. So now he “says” and may actually be praying more often than before and even adopted Jesus. He’s been saved! His actions at work, with investors, and employees are not conducted in the way that Jesus would condone. He’s still an evil monster.  I think this may be more of a fake move, like his phony Harvard Degree. He needs something to counter his history of larceny and deceit.  He’s added his new religious zeal to his LinkedIn page so that people may ignore his past. Unfortunately, Danny has a rolling past of malfeasance. Every minute that goes by is a minute in the past but maybe someday in the future that religious fervor and zeal will kick-in.  As of this minute, he hasn’t stopped mistreating employees, abusing the system and defrauding investors.  No sources report he’s just as sneaky, mean, nasty and lazy as ever. It just means he’s trying to white-wash his past, appear holier than thou, and keep those stupid investors investing!

By the way, and I shit you not… Danny sent me a box of gifts and a couple of letters quoting verses from the Bible, asking for forgiveness and inviting me to go to church with him. I guess he didn’t realize he and I read from different bibles and worship a different god. I don’t worship money.  If I get enough requests in the comments section I’ll post the pictures of the gifts and the letters.

Trustify Update Summary

As I said before, I have heard nothing about them pursuing me after their last threatening letter. Since then I’ve published several new articles about Jen Mellon and Danny Boice and their crappy company. I also spoke with one former employee, who had detailed company information about the corporate and personal malfeasance of the Trustify founders. This person was under a gag order/non-disparagement agreement so he or she was not able to give me any details. This person was able to confirm that my past reports are factually accurate. I count at least 8 former employees who are looking forward to the day that I’m hauled into court to defend my reporting. On that day they will be subpoenaed, and allowed to speak truth as detailed in their Severance Agreement and General Release. There is an army of ex-Trustify employees looking to bury the founders.

Trustify is still a stinky dumpster fire and the two thieves who run it, Danny and Jen are still frauds. Suckers are born every day, so they’ll still probably get new investors. But… they’ll never build a business of any true value. Investors will never be invited over for dinner at the house they purchased and pay to maintain. They’ll never get asked to hang out in thier house investors bought on the Jersey Shore, nor share some Vino in the Villa investors rented in Italy. No, no one but Danny, Jen and their co-conspirators will ever benefit from the Dumpster Fire that is Trustify.

Danny and Jen are true Wolves of Startupland.

Note: Excerpts from Trustify – SEVERANCE AGREEMENT WITH GENERAL RELEASE. A five-page document. (with minor changes to disguise the party who signed the agreement. NAME is used instead of the person’s name which was in the original document, gender specifics are obfuscated).

Item #5, Page 1:

5. This Agreement does not constitute an admission by Trustify of any unlawful or tortious action or any violation of any contract or any federal, state or local decisional law, statute, regulation or constitution; nor does any statement made or action taken by or on behalf of Trustify in connection with this Agreement constitute such an admission.

Item #6, Page 2:

6. In consideration of the payments, promises and other consideration made and set forth in this Agreement, NAME, on behalf of self and his/her heirs, executors, personal representatives, administrators, assigns, attorneys and representatives, hereby irrevocably and unconditionally releases and forever discharges Trustify, its parent entities, affiliates and subsidiaries, their predecessors, successors, and assigns, and all of their directors, officers, employees, shareholders, representatives, attorneys and other agents (hereafter collectively and/or individually the “Releasees”), from any and all claims, agreements, rights, causes of action, suits, demands, damages, or liabilities of any nature whatsoever (collectively, referred to as “claims”) arising, occurring or existing in law or in equity at any time prior to his/her execution of this Agreement, whether or not known or claimed as of that date. NAME understands that this General Release is intended to and does waive and release:

Item #6 (A), Page 2:

(A) Any and all claims arising from or relating to NAME’s employment with and/or the termination of his/her employment with Trustify, any and all claims for breach of the Company’s policies, rules, regulations, or handbooks or for breach of express or implied contracts or express or implied covenants of good faith, and any and all claims for wrongful discharge, defamation, tortuous interference with contract/economic advantage, invasion of privacy, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violation of public policy, retaliation, mental distress or any other personal injury;

Item #6 (C) Page 2:

(C) Any and all claims arising under federal, state or local constitutions, laws, rules or regulations or common law, including those related to prohibiting employment discrimination based upon age, race, color, sex, religion, disability, national origin, citizenship, or any other protected category or characteristic, including but not limited to any and all claims arising under the (“the” word the was followed by a list of nearly 15 statutes. For brevity I omitted them); any claims for retaliation and/or any whistleblower claims; and any other statutory or common law claims under any other federal, state or local employment­related, human rights, civil rights, or employment discrimination statute, rule or regulation;

Item #8, Page 3

8. NAME represents that he/she has not filed any claims against Trustify or any of the other Releasees with any governmental agency or any court seeking monetary or personal relief, and he/she agrees that he/she shall not assert any claim covered by the General Release contained in Paragraph 6, above, for monetary or other personal relief against Trustify or any of the other Releasees (as previously defined) at any time hereafter. NAME further represents that he/she has made no claims for workplace injuries or occupational diseases arising from his/her employment with the Company and that he/she has no workplace injuries or occupational diseases arising from his/her employment with the Company.

Item 11, Page 4

11. NAME agrees that he/she will not make, nor cause to be made, any statement, disclosure or publication that portrays unfavorably, reflects adversely on or is derogatory or inimical to the best interests of Trustify and/or its directors, officers, employees or agents, past, present, and future.

Item 12, Page 4

12. NAME covenants and agrees that the fact and/or terms of this Agreement, as well as any discussions between the Parties concerning this Agreement or its terms, are to be held confidential by him/her, him/her agents and any person to whom he/she is permitted to make a disclosure pursuant to subsection (iv) below, and that neither he/she nor any other such person will disclose any such information to any person or entity that is not a party to this Agreement, except (i) as necessary, with regard to a proceeding for enforcement of this Agreement, (ii) pursuant to a properly issued summons, subpoena or court order, (iii) as required by state or federal law, and (iv) NAME may disclose and discuss such information with his/her immediate family, accountants, attorneys and income tax return preparers. Before NAME makes any disclosure permitted by subsection (iv) above, he/she shall inform the person to whom disclosure is to be made of this confidentiality provision, obtain the person’s agreement to be bound by the confidentiality obligations under the terms of this Agreement as a condition of receiving such disclosure, and instruct such person that any breach of confidentiality by such person will constitute a material violation of this Agreement attributable to NAME.