Trustify Trustpilot Reviews

Sorry, folks, I’ve been trying to stay away from the stale topic of Danny Boice, Jen Mellon and Trustify but then someone pointed me towards Trustify Trustpilot reviews (you can find Trustify Trustpilot reviews here). Some signs that things are over… up until October 2018, whenever there was a negative review, someone at Trustify responded. That stopped months ago. Here are highlights of Trustify’s Trustpilot reviews:

Date: Jan 30, 2019
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Mike C
Review: They cheat, steal, and lie.I’m owed $500+ for my work. Danny Boyce (CEO) is a fraud. Should be prosecuted for defrauding investors.

Date: Jan 22, 2019
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Darren Halvor
Review: This company doesn’t pay its investigators or employees. Owners are frauds. Stay away!!!!!

Date: Jan 14, 2019
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Dave S.
Review: The owners are scum. They cheat, steal, and lie. I’m owed $500+ for my work. Danny Boyce (CEO) is a fraud. Should be prosecuted for defrauding investors.

NOTE: Danny Boice had the above review removed from Trust Pilot because he said it was a personal attack. Fortunately, it was memorialized here before it was removed (see post here).

Date: Jan 9, 2019
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Darren Douglas
Review: Bogus Company. I was an investigator for Trustify and they have stolen money and time from my. I had three caseds assigned to me and I performed two of them. And I was about to start the third. I was told that the parole for that month would be mailed to investigators instead of being sent to direct deposit. Two weeks later they refused to answer calls and emails. I sent more that 25 emails with no response. Then a week later the phone lines were disconnected. I did not receive the 1300 dollars that I earned and it had now been 2 months later. Apparently the business is closed and they did not pay anyone. A week ago I received an automated email that there was a case available in my area which made me believe the business was still open and they were still accepting money from client since it had to be prepaid. But I have called and still got no answer. I’ve even sent more emails and did not receive a response. I am now waiting to hear About a class action suit (emphasis added) I can join.

Date: Nov 13, 2018
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 2 Star Rating
Reviewer: Linda Wade
Review: I have been unable to download the final report. I have tried calling to receive a hard copy which seems to be an impossible tasks. Why can I not have a hard copy mailed to me?

Date: Oct 25, 2018
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Lonnie
Review: The PI that was hired for my case supposedly got to an accident on the night that he was going to do the work that you were supposed to do. Then two weeks later he finally went perform the duties I was billed for 15 hours and then PI put in seven hours. Situation question the PRI stated that nobody made an appearance. Yet eyewitness accounts for multiple individuals. In the neighborhood lead me to believe that the PI never even went to do the job.

Date: Sep 23, 2018
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Dee
Review: Thanks for nothing. I don’t think assigned agent was diligent in paying attention to what I wanted..
results v=came up empty. I have found more infor on my own .
Thanks for= nothing

Date: Sep 23, 2018
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 2 Star Rating
Reviewer: unhappy Customer
Review: Waste of time/money. I appreciate that an investigator was willing to take my case, but I paid to find a persons location and to obtain a photo of the individual. However in the end I am stuck still unknowing an address to the POI and found a photo of the individual on my own. I felt like I paid for nothing. I would not recommend this site since it was unable to help me.

Date: Aug 21,2019
Trustify Trustpilot Review – 1 Star Rating
Reviewer: Zack P
Review: Empty Promises and No Results. My experience with the first private investigator, Curtiss, was poor, but I was quickly reassigned a second private investigator, Billy. I liked Billy. He was attentive and responsive. He genuinely wanted to assist me on my search for the person of interest. However, I was disappointed with Trustify and the caliber of its private investigators. Even though I personally liked Billy, he was unable to find the person. Billy invested a lot of time and effort into the search. Alas, results matter. I paid for nothing but empty promises. I think Trustify gets a large volume of cases that are moderately easy, and when they get a particularly unique case they drop the ball. Overall, I didn’t like the lack of results.

If that isn’t a sign of the wheels coming completely off the bus then you might find these facts more indicative of failure:

  1. The phones are disconnected
  2. They’re being sued by 8 employees for back pay
  3. They’re being sued for $240K in the state of New York by a PR firm
  4. Danny stopped stuffing Glassdoor with fake reviews. Every day up until January, “Someone” would post at least 5-star glassdoor reviews. “People,” of which some of them might have been me would complain to Glassdoor about the authenticity about those reviews and they would be removed. That stopped in January.
  5. Danny started posting batshit crazy blogs in January and by January 28th, he must have run out of content because Trustify hasn’t posted new content since January 28. Prior to that, they would post 2 to 3 blog posts a day (See this post and tell me if you think Danny is getting ready for an insanity plea).
  6. The Boice/Mellon mansion, purchased with investor money is for sale (see the listing on Redfin)!

Speaking of crazy…picture 35 of the 42 pictures from the house listing… what the hell is that? Talk about wasting investor money… Hey Anchorage Advisors… my theory is that you paid for this stage that your boy Danny Boice goes to recreate scenes from Frozen? Hey SoGal Ventures? Boice and Mellon used your money to have a contractor build a custom stage as a Christmas Gift. You invested in that!