Trustify Missed Payroll

According to a tip, Trustify missed payroll yesterday. The few remaining employees just got stiffed. If they are surprised, well then that explains why they were employees of Trustify. They were completely blindsided.

Danny Boice’s personal lawyer Craig White, of the Leesburg firm of Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White, P.C. stopped working for Danny due to non-payment. If Danny kept paying him to intimidate and lie about his wife, Craig would still be doing it. Craig, if you’re reading this you deserve to be stiffed!

Today, October 2, Danny Boice will be heading to New York to try and convince the stupidest investors in the world to give him more money. Not so he can make payroll but so he can make car payments, house payments, and continue to fly on his Net Jets private jet to the Italian Riveria.

It appears that Cruella Jen Mellon is washing her hair of the affair and is nowhere to be seen.

Stick a fork in this Turkey… it’s cooked

Trustify Missed Payroll and that’s one of the last signs of a company in a Death Spiral. Yes, this is going to cause the few remaining employees a little pain. Yet, they should have known for whom they were working. Danny Boice, a pathological liar, and sociopath.

The investors were cheated, and they will see no return. The investors were asleep at the wheel, did limited due diligence and agreed to allow this company to cheat them. These idiot investors did not have board seats or force the company to have regular audited financial statements.  Any of the institutional investors deserve to be sued by their limited partners for negligence and incompetence.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end of the end of Trustify. Trustify missed payroll and this death spiral is about to hit the ground.

My recommendation for all the employees who were surprised when you didn’t receive your paycheck this week, remember if Danny Boice and Jen Mellon,

  • Drove Toyotas
  • Kids went to public school
  • Didn’t have a company paid, maid, landscaper, chauffer/bodyguard
  • Flew coach class instead of on private jets
  • Didn’t belong to a fancy company paid country club
  • Didn’t use company money to buy a million dollar beach home in NJ
  • Didn’t use company money to buy a 2 million home in Alexandria VA
  • Worked to build a company instead of a lifestyle of luxury with investor money

There would be money to keep the doors open and pay you.

Thank them by reviewing Danny Boice, Jen Mellon and Trustify in Glassdoor. Here’s the link!  Trustify Review Page Link