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Trustify Lies and Washington Business Journal Bites

Yesterday, Andy Medici and the Washington Business Journal (WBJ) lowered the bar of business journalism by continuing to just reprint a Trustify Press Release instead of performing the any research. This story legitimizes the illegitimate. It’s a disgrace. In yesterday’s story Titled,

Private detective startup Trustify adding 184 jobs in Arlington

The WBJ embarrass themselves by aiding and abetting criminals. It’s not the first time they’ve reprinted lies. It’s not the first time I’ve pointed that out as you can see by this post: Washington Business Journal Buys Danny Boice Lies.

Let’s try and make sense of the senseless by quoting the WBJ in blue and rewriting to reflect reality.

WBJ: “On-demand private investigator platform Trustify is spending $1.04 million to create 184 new jobs in Arlington, according to a joint press release by the startup and Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s office.”

Mr Cranky: “Highly-unreliable Dumpster fire formerly and more aptly known as Trustify assert they will spend $1.04 million to create 184 new jobs. They will spend the money to hire people to take care of their children, mow their lawn, clean their house, chauffeur them around and be personal servants…”

When Kellyanne Conway stops lying for the White House, it is quite possible that she will join the staff of Trustify… on that day, she will be the most reliable, honest person on the Trustify senior team. On that day, the WBJ will become Kellyanne’s Fox Faux News.

WBJ: The Crystal City-based startup will receive consulting services and nearly $120,000 in funding through the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Jobs Investment Program.

Mr Cranky: The Crystal City-based dumpster fire formerly and more aptly named FlimFlam might in the highly unlikely event they actually qualify, receive consulting services and nearly $120,000 in funding through the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Jobs Investment Program. 

WBJ: The company raised $6.59 million in new funding in the second quarter of 2017, according to Pitchbook, bringing its post-deal valuation to about $43.6 million.

Mr Cranky: The company that lies even when they say good morning, has self-reported to pitch-book that they raised $6.59 million which is highly doubtful and their valuation post-money valuation was about $43.6 million which in real dollars is just shy of $2.39.

March 31, 2019 Update: I was wrong, new information proves that Trustify did raise near $7 million. The investors in that round are now suing the company officers and board for embezzlement and fraud.

WBJ: Trustify is eligible to receive $650 per job, up to $119,600 total, from the state program. The company gets reimbursed after the employee has been working for 90 days.

Mr Cranky: Trustify is eligible to receive $650 per job, up to $119,600 total, from the state program. The company gets reimbursed after the employee has been working for 90 days which is just 33 days shy of the average tenure of a Trustify employee.

Look Andy, WBJ and folks, this Virginia Program is like the Harvard Extension School, anyone who breathes can get accepted. The requirements are minimal. Getting accepted to this program is like Danny Boice’s fake Harvard education.  He never graduated from anywhere and he never will. Trustify will never be anything but a flim flam dumpster fire.

It’s a good thing Washington Business Journal doesn’t have a sports page because they’d be writing headlines about every kid who ever received a participation trophy for being the bench warmer on the worst team in the lowest league of some minor 3rd grade soccer team.

I believe the reason Trustify puts out these press releases is to counter any bad press they receive, to push down the SEO of negative stories and obfuscate (look it up in a dictionary Danny) the truth in order to raise money from poor unsuspecting widows and orphans.

It is my opinion that Danny and Jennifer are financing their luxurious lifestyle by crowdfunding money for their Dumpster Fire and using that cash for vacations, house payments, and private schools while investing little in the company.

If Andy Medici would do just the least bit of research he would realize he was complicit in a scam. Jen Mellon and Danny Boice are mean spirited and nasty hucksters who have terrorized employees, former employees, and family.

An ex-employee of Trustify, of which there are numerous relayed this story to me. A single mom left for a two week vacation to Disneyworld with her kids. While away, Trustify sent her a termination notice and changed the vacation policy so that this woman’s vacation was unpaid. Meanwhile, when Danny and Jen went to Italy for two weeks (The longest vacation I ever took when I worked in startups was 1 week), they informed the staff that they were not to be disturbed. Jen Mellon and Danny are horrible excuses for human beings with good publicists and Andy Medici… you’re becoming one of them.

It is time for all of the former terrorized Trustify Employees to come out of the closet and start pushing back against the abuses of these two low life scum, pretending to be entrepreneurs. If you want Danny Boice and Jen Mellon to stop abusing, threatening and terrorizing others, like they terrorized you… it’s time to speak out in the open.

It’s time to fight back! If you’re reading this and you know the pain these two have caused…. say something. Leave a comment here. Tell the world what you experienced. Do it in the open. No more hiding because when you hide, you enable these crooks to damage others.

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