Trustify is Burning and Danny Boice keeps fiddling

Trustify is burning… it’s getting worse every day, and just like Nero when Rome burned, Danny Boice is Fiddling.

Multiple tips into the Mr. Cranky Tip Line Today… what’s happening and how bad is it burning? The following information was supplied by three separate individuals who represent themselves as current Trustify Employees and appears reliable.

Employees are revolting, as in rebellious. Danny Boice and Jen Mellon are also revolting, as in the other definition of revolting, that is to say disgusting. Yesterday Danny had an all staff meeting. Employees are angry because the company has consistently been missing payroll. The last pay period the company skipped direct deposit and handed out paper checks to employees. The checks bounced. Adding insult to injury employees incurred bank charges for bounced checks that they needed to pay the bank charges.

This stuff isn’t funny, it’s sad, and it’s getting worse, for employees, vendors, and investors.

One tipster asserted that the company owes over $900 thousand in invoices to vendors. That collection agencies call the company every day. The Private Investigators are not getting paid and are complaining to their state regulators.

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that Danny has shown up in the office. In a company meeting, he explained how he will be raising money and that everything will be alright. He also mentioned that he is hiring an attorney to sue me for defamation. I wish that were true because I’d love to go to court and have him open up his books to prove that I have defamed the undefamable. You can’t slander shit by calling shit shit… shit is shit, Danny… you dumb shit. Unfortunately, there aren’t many attorneys who work for free and Danny doesn’t have the cash to pay an attorney. Another issue is that there are very few attorneys left in the world who haven’t fired Danny as a client.

I’ve heard from more than one Private Investigator who is angry for not getting paid. Check out this tweet.

Other tidbits from the tips:

  1. The newsletter featured in this article (link here) was full of lies, including (2 sources):
    • Handled 50,000 cases… a tipster guaranteed me that that isn’t even close to true
    • Winning a contract for the Government to do security checks – it was in the works but didn’t happen… another complete lie
  2. The company stopped paying the development team in Ukraine (2 sources)
  3. I owe an apology to Elizabeth Klimp, according to two sources Elizabeth was a hard working honest leader who was regularly abused by Danny. Elizabeth left the company after uncovering abusive and fraudulent activity of Danny Boice and Jen Mellon and confronting them. Sorry Elizabeth, reach out to me and I’ll help you find a job and repair any damage I might have done to your reputation (2 sources).
  4. The company owes several months of back-pay to the majority of employees (3 sources)
  5. Mary Burns who was the CRO left the company… many of the employees respected her. They felt she buffered them from much of the abuse of the founders and that when she ceased to work at Trustify the quality of life, working for the company deteriorated (2 Sources).
  6. Jen Mellon has not been in the office for two months although she breezed in yesterday to print some stuff off or pick up some papers. (2 Sources).
  7. Matt De Leon is Igor to Danny’s Dr. Frankenstien. Trustify employees think he’s the perfect sleazy henchman for Danny Boice (3 Sources)
  8. Danny fired a woman who was out on Pregnancy leave (2 sources)
  9. When employees would ask about Mr. Cranky and what he writes about Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, and the Company, Danny would tell them I am a troll who has a personal beef with him. Yet many of the employees would still provide me with tips. Today it appears that the majority of employees realize that I don’t have a personal beef with Danny, I have a beef with criminals and fraud (3 sources).
  10. The prediction is that the company may not make it through the year. Employees are talking about going to the labor board and hiring attorney’s to sue the company for back wages (2 Sources)
  11. What is Mellon Intelligence LLC… is Jen Mellon running a side deal? Is she funneling cash to protect it from debtors? Is it named Mellon Intelligence because Boice Intelligence is an oxymoron?

Update: November 28, 2018 – Two tipsters with news tips today. Both say that on Monday, Danny fired a group of employees who had filed a grievance with the Labor Board because they had not been paid in weeks. One of those tipsters said the number of people fired was 7. That tipster believes there are 7 people left in the firm. The other tipster thought the number was of employees left was 4 – 5.

CEOs and Leaders of DCTech, there are still some good employees at Trustify, if you have open positions, you might want to reach out to them. As far as I can tell, until recently these people were kept in the dark and sheltered from the fraudulent activity of the founders.

And again, for you employees still at Trustify, if you want to share information or want help in finding a real job, you can contact me via my contact page and I’ll try and help. If you want to stay anonymous, create an anonymous Gmail account. If you want to call, I typically don’t answer phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize, and the phone screener will ask you for a name, just say it’s in regards to trustify.

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