Trustify Damage Control Law Suit

What happens when you hear that the Washingtonian is going to do an article and you feel that the facts may damage your business? Well if you’re Danny Boice you hire Dini Von Mueffling Consulting to clean up your image. What happens when you can’t do good business so you require a company to do Trustify Damage Control?  According to the suit:

the magazine The Washingtonian was going to do a big take down of Mr. Boice and Trustify. DVM spent dozens of hours in interviewing crisis firms, working with a new defamation attorney on Mr. Boice’s behalf, working with the company’s CMO who recently resigned over ethical issues, and crafting messaging for the lawyer to relay to the Editor in Chief of the magazine successfully shut down the worst elements of the story.

Law Suit – Dini Von Mueffling versus Danny Boice 

You scare the Washingtonian into transforming a journalistic article into a rambling pointless piece of trash.

What happens when you rack up over $200 thousand dollars in bills and don’t pay Dinni Von Mueffling? They sue you.

Of note is another quote from the complaint:

21. DVM’s good faith began to rupture when, on October 15, 2018, Mr. Boice sent DVM’s principal a fake and intentionally falsified receipt purporting to be from and showing that Invoices #694 and 710 (referenced above) had been paid on September 1 and October 1, 2018, respectively.

What happens when Dini Von Mueffling lies down with dogs? They get flee-bitten unpaid invoices.  See this filing of a lawsuit against Danny Boice and Trustify

You get a Trustify Damage Control lawsuit. Dini Von Mueffling claims that Trustify Damage Control racked up over $200 thousand in fees.

Danny, some advice, the best way to avoid having to engage a firm to convince the world your company is not a dumpster fire is to not be a dumpster fire. (by the way, did you notice the damning phrase in the quote from the suit? “working with the company’s CMO who recently resigned over ethical issues?”)

Dini, want some advice on how to get compensated for work? Choose better clients (by the way, DMV represents a pretend VC and actual know-nothing Alexandra Stanton. Yes, that same Alexandra Stanton who sings the praise of Trustify.