trump tyrannical or servant leadership

Trump’s Tyrannical or Servant Leadership

Which works for you? Tyrannical or Servant Leadership?

A Young Hero dies… our president responds.  “it wasn’t my fault.. it was the Generals.”

President Trump has chosen Tyrannical.  Read below and watch the video and we’ll discuss.

Wow! Right there you see our President break the first rule of servant leadership which is take blame and give credit as he throws Sean Spicer and the Generals under the bus.

Then he wonders why he has leaks. Then he wonders why he can’t trust and is forced to frisk his staffers and check their phones.

As leaders we basically have 2 ways of incenting loyalty:

  1. Fear – Tyrannical Leaders inspire loyalty through fear. Think  Hitler, Stalin, and Putin.
  2. Loyalty – Servant Leaders inspire loyalty through common beliefs and trust. Think Washington, Lincoln, and MLK

There were no leaks out of George Washington’s administration. There were no alternative government twitter accounts like the Rogue POTUS Staff twitter account (follow it.. it’s interesting). MSNBC and Fox news didn’t get unauthorized inside baseball stories from the Lincoln white house. MLK was not forced to fudge the number of loyal followers who stood with him to hear about his dream on the national mall in the sweltering heat of that August day in DC.

Notice how many times and when President Trump uses the word I. Notice that when he uses the word WE, he tends to be using the Royal We which translated means I or means he is referring to himself. Here is a man who uses I when taking credit for good things and points fingers elsewhere when things go wrong. This is not the words of true modern enlightened leadership. Is this Tyrannical or Servant Leadership?


Harry Truman famously said, “The buck stops here.”

With Trump the buck gets passed down.

This is the very epitome of  Incompetent Tyrannical Leadership. Some points of note should you choose to embody tyrannical or servant leadership.

  1. Servant Leaders – Followers of Servant Leaders are loyal even when they’re not being watched. They serve their leaders because they trust them, they respect them, they believe in their mission. If there is a heaven.. there is a place reserved for the Servant Leader.
  2. Competent Tyrannical Leaders – Followers of Competent Tyrannical Leaders follow because they fear the boss. They’ve seen dissenters put to death. They understand that there are systems in place that will catch them if they stray. If there is a hell… Competent Tyrannical Leaders have a reserved space.
  3. Incompetent Tyrannical Leaders – Buffoonery, incompetence and the total lack of power to instil fear create an environment where disloyal, non-fearful followers will undermine the leader. “Followers” will leak, provoke and harangue the Incompetent Tyrannical Leader. Because if you don’t have the ability or the authority to instil real fear… your hell is here on earth.

Here’s the thing… if you’re going to be a tyrant, you better be a competent tyrant. Because buffonishly incompetent tyrants that attempt to rule through fear find themselves surrounded by leakers. Ironically surrounded by leakers leaking attempts to stop leaks… they aren’t leaders…. they are clowns and ultimately will be undone by those that have no fear, feel no loyalty and are empowered by the tyrants incompetence.

Tyrannical or Servant Leadership… which are you?

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