Tom Cook of ExecMagic AKA Boardsi

The next time you get a call from Tom Cook of ExecMagic (AKA Boardsi), say Hi Erik… because you have about a 65% chance of being right. But if you say hi Tom, to Tom Cook of ExecMagic, you have about a 97% chance of being wrong. One thing I do know is that there is no Thomas Cook II at ExecMagic… that’s a name that Erik and other sales folks at ExecMagic typically use.

I first heard of ExecMagic when Thomas Cook II reached out to me through my website (see post), and I have to ask myself,  why would a company have salespeople use a nom de plume instead of their real name? Well, it’s common practice for Indian Call Centers to instruct Gurpreet to tell Americans his name is Sam Adams (I’ve dealt with multiple Indian Sam Adams… I guess they like American Beer or they would call themselves King Fisher). In this case, they’re either making an unfamiliar name for provincial Americans more comfortable or Sam is trying to hide the fact that he’s calling from Banglore.

Thomas Cook II is another story. My first contact with Tom Cook or Erik or Bill or whoever wrote to me that day was signed Thomas Cook II. Wait, just one cotton-picking a minute! The second as in Roman numerals II? Isn’t that just a junior as in Thomas Cook Jr? But I think I get it. If ExecMagic has 10 sales people named Thomas Cook, they have to number them Thomas Cook I, through Thomas Cook X. After all when you have too many Cooks in the kitchen, how can you tell them apart? Perhaps Malcolm X was the 10th back in the day when all the ExecMagic sales guys were Malcoms.

In the case of ExecMagic, AKA Boardsi, I can only speculate it’s to protect the real person hiding behind the Tom Cook of ExecMagic moniker from harm. Because Erik (a real person pretending to be Tom Cook of ExecMagic) is selling bullshit. In this case, Erik Tom Cook is lying to you when he tells you he has thousands of companies looking for candidates for board seats. Erik has no idea how many companies are signed up. because the fact that ExecMagin represents absolutely no companies looking for board members is a closely held secret.

The crooks at ExecMagic have a boiler room sales operation where they scrape LinkedIn for leads, dial for dollars and spray and pray to cheat unsuspecting board seat wannabes. Who knows how many Tom Cooks there are in the ExecMagic boiler room kitchen. My guess is  Tom Cook’s are a dime a dozen, rotating in and out daily in the musical chairs of boiler room call centers.

Now I know what you’re asking? When they fire Thomas Cook IV, do they retire his number and replace him with Tom Cook XI or do they just reuse his number? I’m told it depends if the retired Thomas Cook was a hall of famer or just an average Tom Cook. Is there a Theresa Cook II? Do they make females also become Thomas Cooks? Do they even hire female salespeople? These are the questions that have stymied the oracles through the ages.

I’ve searched the world for a satisfied ExecMagic (Boardsi) customers that are thankful to have met Tom Cook. I could not find any. Why can’t they introduce any of their prospects to customers who have genuine success story? Because Boardsi, ExecMagic, Tom AKA Erik, whatever you want to call these liars, promise to help people who can’t get board seats on their own because they are not qualified or have no network or are just so dumb, they’d pay a company that can’t help them get board seats for which they are unqualified.

Wow! I’m such a great marketer. That should be their tag line.  Imagine this tag line.


We Help People Not Qualified To Sit on Public Boards Not Obtain Board Seats They Don’t Deserve While Successfully Separating Them From Thier Money

By the way, I provide this kind of Tag Line marketing advice completely free so if you want help on your tag line… hit me up.

Legal Notice: The Lawyers at AdvisoryCloud, a very similar but not the same company as ExecMagic, contacted me and want you to know that AvisoryCloud which use to be called ExecRanks or ExecRank is not the same company as ExecMagic. In fact the folks at AdvisoryCloud hate to be associated with the folks at ExecMagic like they are associated with them in this legal notice. So I figured I’d include a notice that a company of scammers like AdvisoryClud (formerly ExecRanks) is not the same scammy company as ExecMagic. This notice should serve the dual purpose of protecting me while annoying the clowns at AdvisoryCloud. I want to make sure that AdvisoryCloud which is another scammy company that purports to get people board seat positions but has a reputation for being excellent at billing and a complete dumpster fire on execution which if their lawyers wanted me to say differently I wouldn’t because the truth is protected by the 1st amendment and in case you are looking to pay someone to not get a board seat and you want to shop around, you might want to check AdvisoryCloud out because they are just as effective at not getting people board seats as ExecMagic. Oh and I also supplied this notice to increase my AdvisoryCloud SEO rankings. Shop around, because if I wanted to pay someone to not get me a board seat you might get a better deal. For example, if you send me $10, I will not get you a board seat more effectively and of significantly less cost than the other guys who won’t get you a board seat. And At least I’m honest and say I’m taking your money to not get you a board seat.