The Washington Post Non-Washington Business Coverage

The Washington Post has been asleep at the wheel in terms of covering the Startup world of DC. Granted, the startup world of DC has been comatose for some time. But while there are criminals and thieves plying their craft in DC, The Washington Post, is mum.

But on October 12, 2018, the Washington Post’s, Antonia Noori Farzan, woke up and penned an article about a minor crook in the Washington Suburbs of Fall River, Massachusetts. A DC suburb if 353 miles and a 5 1/2 hour drive is a commute.

Yes, the paper which barely covers what is happening in business in DC didn’t miss an opportunity to cover the curious inconsequential case of the 23-year-old Mayor-Elect of Falls River. The article:

Elected mayor at 23 in struggling Fall River, Mass., Jasiel F. Correia II had the makings of a rising star — until Thursday (see link)

As the post reports, “early Thursday morning, federal agents arrested Correia on charges that he stole almost a quarter of a million dollars from seven people who had invested in his start-up.”

Yet when local DC-based startup Comunniclique founder Andy Powers was found guilty of bilking local investors out of over $10 million dollars (which by my math is a little more than a quarter million and a little closer than 530 miles… what did you hear from our hometown paper? Nary a peep. Just tumbleweeds and crickets.

When local startup criminal and Trustify CEO, Danny Boice and his wife Jen Mellon tried to stifle the free speech of one of the few watchdogs and professional martyrs (Me as in Mr. Cranky), what did the post do? Well, they didn’t retract this glowing puff piece by Thomas Heath (see link).

No, when Evan Burfield failed at 1776 or when he completes his about to fail Union piece of crap we won’t hear about it in the Post. When Jonathon Perrelli failed at the Fort and left his investors high and dry with no accounting for their investments, the post was writing about a guy that may have stolen $250K, 5 states away.  Instead of asking Perrelli what he did in four years with $5 million dollars at Lifefuels…. they ask the burning question… actually they don’t ask any burning questions.

Business journalism is dead on a local level. There is no one to act as a watchdog for investors, employees and honest business people in DC.

Even positive stories, like when local Tech giant, Cvent purchased local tech darling Social Tables for according to the Washington Business Journal a $100 million cash deal… you couldn’t find that in the Post (I’ll give this one to Andy Medici, he posted his version 10 minutes before I posted mine, and as an investor I was forewarned about the deal two weeks prior).

The post is a National Paper that makes its money on politics. It does an awesome job competing with the New York Times when it comes to politics. But the Washington Post has no stomach to fund a real business section focused on local stories. Therefore there is no credible source for business news in DC. Andy Medici of the Washington Business Journal knows more about the dirty underbelly of the DC Scene then anyone. But the Washington Business Journal is a real estate paper that doesn’t profit from making waves… therefore you shouldn’t expect real journalism out of Andy, a real journalist with both of his hands tied behind his back.

No, good, critical analysis of the business scene in DC has gone the way of the dodo bird. Business folks, it is caveat emptor, you are on your own… unless you were looking to invest, do business or vote in Fall River, Massachusets. Then the post has your story covered. But the post does not report on the schemers and scammers of Washington. The post ignores the conmen, thieves and fraudsters. Local DC business people, investors, future employees, you’re on your own to judge if you are investing in the real thing.