The Technology Headlines – Short Con

The Technology Headlines…   they are the bullshit pretend media that make all other bit vomiting trash media like DCInno and Technically DC seem Pulitzer-worthy. Because while DCInnon and Technically DC only cost you time that you’ll never get back, The Technology Headlines is a trash company that charges companies to pretend they are newsworthy.

When a startup founder gets funded and that funding appears in the press, the Vampire Media descend to suck that newly funded blood. “Journalists” and “TV Reporters” start calling because they are going to produce a story about your company and your great personal success. There are a ton of these vulture-media companies that prey on your a founders vanity and need for publicity. They have names like The Technology Headlines, News Watch TV. Journalistic Rankings:

  1. Real Journalism and Journalists: Andy Medici of Washington Business Journal, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal (Earned Media)
  2. Real Journalists Who Allow Pretend Thought Leaders to Guest Blog Their Thoughts: Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine
  3. Bit Vomiting Reposters of Press Releases: DCInno, Technically DC, AlleyWatch
  4. Thankfully Out of Business: Nibletz
  5. Advertorial Bullshit Paid Media Disguised as Earned Media: The Technology Headlines,  Who’s Who, News Watch TV

If you have never heard from the purveyors of advertorials, then you probably haven’t raised a seed round or a series A. Because that’s when their salesforce pounce, when they read the news of your funding and they attempt to separate a founder from his cash as soon as he has spending money.

One of the startup CEO’s who admire, and also who happens to be a woman, and which I say because I respect her ranked against any other CEO and don’t want to diminish the respect I have for her by calling her a women CEO… not because I don’t think women can be great CEO’s (put down your shovel Glen and stop digging your self into a misogynistic hole). Anyway, here’s what she wrote me:

Been awhile since we last talked. Not that you need any more nonsense to cover, but I thought the below was a particularly egregious example of the hype around start-up companies. Where to begin? Perhaps the naked money grab, masquerading as useful information? How about the mansplaining on ‘what women entrepreneurs are good at’ (Pro Tip, I have a lot of strengths, but I’m not really much of a “natural care-giver” myself. But whatever). How about yet another list one can pay to be on, of 500 fast growing companies-they haven’t asked for financials, so I’m assuming they’re basing growth on….what, exactly? Ability to pay 2 large, I suppose. Or maybe its the typo in an email from someone who says they specialize in media and content.

Anyhow. Probably minor in the world of startup charlatanism. But thought I’d send to you nonetheless.

Hope all is well.


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Founder
Date: Day before yesterday
Subject: Fwd: Honoring Founder among Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2019
To: Founder

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Albert Matthews <>
Date: Day Before Yesterday
Subject: Honoring Founder among Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2019
To: Founder

Hello Founder,
Plano, Texas: I am Albert from the Technology Headlines Magazine, a print and online magazine that is focused on unraveling new industry and technology trends to help businesses better reach the market or achieve scale. (Mr. Cranky Translation – I’m a sales guy who will create an overpriced advertising campaign for you).

For April of 2019, our editorial team has planned to come out with a special issue on ’20 Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2019′;(Mr. Cranky Transalation – AKA entrepreneurial women who are so insecure that they’d Pay for Affirmation) featuring their stories and insights into different areas of their journey; How did they face each challenge, each obstacle, and every thorn in the path.

Be it in e commerce, education, investing, travel, fashion, retail, fitness, hiring, or any other field, women entrepreneurs are dreaming big, challenging societal norms and achieving lasting success in their careers. But here’s something you may not know about the networks of successful women: (Mr. Cranky: Oh Shit…. here comes the mansplaining).

In a leadership position, women are more likely to assume tough responsibilities, understand priorities and take bold decisions to execute business operations. As natural care-givers, women are more adept at mentoring people, creating new connections and inspiring people to truly achieve personal and professional goals. Through hard work and perseverance, women entrepreneurs have made their presence felt in a largely male-dominated technology sector. But the fight has just started.

Women seeking positions of executive leadership often face cultural and political hurdles that men typically do not. Our current issue is dedicated to encourage women to work through the moments of self-doubt that every business owner faces and not wait for perfection before starting their business or taking on a big promotion. While telling their own stories, we want to empower women looking for new roles and advancement.

So, we would like to invite Founder to feature as one of the Influential Women Entrepreneur and like to bring out an exclusive story about your journey for the success path of Founders Company (Mr. Cranky, that’s so nice of them. I wonder what’s in it for them…. wait for it….wait for it…. it’s in the next paragraph).

To support this initiative, we expect a small capital from the entrepreneurs getting featured in our magazine. And for this special edition, the cost is $2000,(Mr Cranky: It only took six paragraphs to get to the point) for which we will provide a two-page full content exclusively about your company with your CEO’s image, digital copyrights of your company profile and a one-time opportunity to put your company’s advertisement on this issue or issue of your choice. Besides all these benefits, we will also list the related company in Headlines 500, an annual list of U.S fastest –growing 500 companies published by the technology Headlines at the end of this year. Here is the previous year’s Edition.

Although there are several women entrepreneurs in various industries, we are committed to the key players who are striving for improving their presence in the industry. Therefore, throughout the year this listing will be promoted through our associated PR partners and other effective social media channels and will be optimized using the most effective SEO strategies.

For your reference, please find the below digital version of our previous edition:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Albert Mathews
Content Coordinator
The Technology Headlines
Ph:+1 972-696-0086

Founder to Albert: Go F&8k Yourself. Strong letter to follow.