angel investor

The Sound of A Happy Angel Investor

What does a happy investor sound like? I recently had an Angel Investor ask me the opinion of one of the companies in which I had invested and thought this response would be instructive:

  1. Transparency – They report over and above any requirement on a regular basis through regularly scheduled detailed reports and conference calls.
  2. Traction – Focused on real revenue generation activities and getting traction. This is a company that is making an impact in a very interesting growing market. They have the potential to be the market leader
  3. Execution – Executing well with little disruption. 90% of the surprises are positive
  4. Coachable – The CEO doesn’t believe he has all the answers. He solicits and embraces outside input
  5. Focus – spending energy on corporate building and very little else

In other words they have a low BS Hype/To Real Business ratio!