The Soon to be Indicted Conspirators of Trustify

One of the leading Conspirators of Trustify, Danny Boice is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, yet he did learn one lesson in school… no not at Harvard, despite Boice’s claims of an educated pedigree (see post), Harvard would never accept a guy whose IQ is dimmer than a burned out refrigerator light bulb. Danny must have learned this lesson during his 3rd-grade class trip to the Circus (Education wise, Danny, after several tries, did eventually get through 3rd grade and he even made it to a halfway decent college for a semester… before flunking out). What did Danny learn on that class trip?

“There’s a sucker born every minute” P. T. Barnum

And that sucker might invest in something that sounds reasonably like something that was once successful. Uber, for instance, was wildly successful, so who wouldn’t want to invest in the Uber of Private Investigators? I’ll tell you who? Anyone who knows that the average Uber user needs a ride 2 or 3 times per month and the average human requires an investigator .07% of their life.

Since then he’s been in constant search of suckers to bilk. Some of these suckers include his employees past and present. The employees Boice, constantly abuses and abused. They include his partners, investors, and co-founders, in the failed company, Speek.  Yet the biggest suckers are his current and soon to be ex-wife (more on that later), and his few remaining actual employees and his current investors. I feel sorry for the fate of the Soon-To-Be-Thrown-Under-The-Bus-People, which is the correct term for any employee at Trustify.

Joseph Burns
CFO or Accomplice?

Any quality company, any legitimate company, any business in the business of doing business to make money instead of defrauding its investors, any business that has investors, should have an independent board to provide oversite, audited financials, and a CFO. Not Trustify.

The CFO, Joe Burns recently went MIA from the company website which coincides with a tip I received last week (see post) about a firing. Apparently, when that wimp Boice was on vacation he fired an employee via text (I’m told Boice doesn’t have the balls to fire people in person and frequently fires people when he’s absent).

Doing a little deductive reasoning, I’m going to guess that Joe Burns was the most recent victim of Boice’s Trump-like firing text. The tipster tells me that the fired employee was devastated and landed in a hospital ICU ward post firing. While he was in the hospital, Boice tried to repossess the rented furniture in the apartment the company secured for the employee.

Whoever this fired employee is, he moved to DC at the behest of Daniel and Cruella, I mean Jen. Joe Burns was not a local when they hired him he had to relocate. I’m told he was a family friend of Jen Mellon’s family (no not those Mellons although Jen would often pretend that she was part of the prestigious Mellon family until she got caught at it (see post)).

So if the newly fired employee, is the Joe Burns, he joins a long list of CFOs and other senior employees who had access to the company’s financial records that were fired or quit to save their reputations. As happens to any credible CFO, any CFO who wants to stay out of jail, they ask questions and don’t rubber stamp BS. Did Burns ask Danny questions about embezzlement and fraud? Danny fired past CFOs after they questioned his financial machinations.  Did Burns get a fit of integrity and quit? Either way, the lack of accounting transparency continues and the investors aren’t asking questions? They are the stupidest investors ever (see post).

Joe, if you’re reading this, here’s a link to Commonwealth of Virginia’s, State Corporation Commision, Division of Securities and Retail Franchising. I believe you received a letter from the company’s Chief of Staff warning you about your NDA. The NDA does not bar you from giving evidence of a crime to the state. Virginia SCC, find Joe! Interview him. Also, Danny’s ex wife Joan should add Joe to the witness list in the custody case.

Today, September 9th, Danny Boice’s attorney’s are arguing why Danny should not be forced to release Trustify’s financials as part of discovery in an upcoming court case. Danny is suing his ex-wife for custody of their two children. If he is going to take custody away from his wife, he should be forced to show the courts that he has the financial ability to support them. He should be forced to prove that he is not a criminal who is likely to join Danny’s former close friend, coach, and partner, Andy Powers. Andy is a fugitive currently on the run from Virginia State authorities. The state found that Powers was lying to investors. Powers defrauded his investors by representing his company had tens of millions of dollars in revenue. The state found they had zero revenue and Andy was using $10 million of investors cash to fund his lavish lifestyle… sound familiar?

Danny Boice and Jen Mellon run a company that is jointly owned by a long list of incredibly stupid investors. Stupid because they have not forced the company to provide audited financials or to demand independent board oversite. Danny has refused to supply the sources of his income to a court. The Commonwealth of Virginia’s, State Corporation Commision (SCC), Division of Securities and Retail Franchising is the organization that took down Danny’s buddy and fellow criminal, Andy Powers of Communiclique (now called CliqueAPI and located in LA). The SCC needs to subpoena the records and depose Joe Burns, and the conspirators of Trustify, Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, Mat De Leon, and Elizabeth Klimp.

Danny is following the Andy Power formula… a lack of transparency and fraud. Why is Danny so afraid to have auditors look at his books? Why is he paying an attorney to represent him in court today to keep his company’s financials from the court and his ex-wife? Why has Trustify gone through so many CFOs? It is time for the VA SCC to subpoena those books!

SEC records show that Danny and his fellow conspirators at Trustify raised $13 million ($3 of it this year) from stupid clueless investors and is trying to raise a total of $30 Million (see this August 28 filing here).

So if you’re reading this Commonwealth of Virginia’s, State Corporation Commision, Division of Securities and Retail Franchising (I’m going to send them a link to this post so count on them reading this Trustify crooks), Please Virginia, save the future suckers who are unknowingly ready to waste their life savings to help Danny and Jen live the high life.

Danny, I know you’re fuming as you read this. I know your wife, Curella Mellon is nagging you right now saying, “why don’t you do something! Let’s steal his puppies and make a coat!” I know I’m proving you are stupid and impotent in front of your soon to be ex-wife. But don’t get angry! Get even. Let’s try that court thing again… it worked so well for you last time (see post).

The Conspirators of Trustify

  1. Danny Boice – Founder of Trustify, disgraced embezzler and founder of Speak, disgraced embezzler of The College Board (see post). Has personal employees on the company payroll including chauffeur/bodyguard (former Police Officer), Nanny/Housekeeper, Lawn Maintenance, Personal Assistant. Takes company paid private jet on family vacations. Is likely guilty of Tax Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Securities Fraud, Embezzlement? Probably.
  2. Jen Mellon – Retroactive Co-Founder of Trustify (see post). Jen may be willing to turn states evidence. She has a history of trading-up on men (see post). Trading up from Danny is a low bar and there are signs there is trouble in paradise. I hear reports that Mellon is tired of dumbing down every conversation so Danny can understand. I’m told she’s tired of him embarrassing her by his classlessness…. he is not her equal and she’s put lipstick on that Danny Pig but the Pig is still shining through. Word is Mellon is cozying up to a guy at the country club as she gets ready to jump ship before it sinks. She is a co-conspirator in all of Danny’s crimes
  3. Matt De Leon – Is a registered Private Investigator and the longest employee at Trustify. There is no way he isn’t aware of the fraud that is taking place and therefore is a likely conspirator in the alleged crimes of Cruella Boice and Dumb Danny. Matt, get in touch with the state of Virginia and maybe you can keep your PI license and stay out of jail.
  4. Elizabeth Klimp – Elizabeth, I apologize if you are an unwitting victim here. Open your eyes and if you contact me through my web page and explain to me why you aren’t part of this, I will correct the record. Until then, you are complicit with the crooks with whom you are cavorting (first time I ever used the word cavorting so thank you for that). Update November 16: I have since been informed by more than one Trustify employee that Elizabeth was a positive force at the company and was a victim of Danny and Jen’s lies. When she found the truth, she pushed back and eventually left the company.

Partial List of Moronic Investors In Trustify

Please help Danny’s Ex-wife Joan. Danny is using the millions he’s raised from investors to abuse Jen in court and trying to take her children away. You can contribute to her legal defense fund by linking to her gofundme campaign here.


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