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The New PR – PR 2.0

It’s political season and I’m  amazed how both sides of the aisle can and spin their stories. Spin is still in in politics. That’s because most people have taken a side. The facts and stats are too complex for simple black and white interpretations. Political facts are like tea leaves that mean something different to each psychic. Statistics are spun in multiple ways… therefore these complex facts are spun to the cause of the spinner.

Business isn’t that complex. Companies either provide value or they don’t. Customers either love ya or they don’t. You either meet your commitments or you don’t and you can’t spin your way out of being a douche.

In this world of transparency, blogs, user reviews, google search, twitter, MySpace (whoops showing my age) I mean Facebook. Your body of work is on display. You can’t run, you can’t hide from the truth. The truth will shine through.

Your reputation is based on your body of work and not your Public Relations campaign. Unlike politics, you can’t spin away the suck. If you want to be perceived in a positive light, don’t issue a press release. It’s not a PR issue. It’s a Product Management issue.

That means know your core. Know what you stand for. Know “Why” you do what you do and why people will follow you on your why. Be true to your core. Be consistent and stop sucking.

Understand the message is no longer controlled by you as the multitude of communications channels have disrupted the control of PR. Be transparent, be fair, be consistent or be Hosni-Mubaraked out of office.

That’s PR in the year 2012.