The Heisenberg Institute is Seeking Nominations for the 2019 #DCTech Heisenberg Fellowship Cohort

The prestigious Heisenberg Institute is seeking nominations for their 2019 Heisenberg Fellowship DC Cohort. As many of you know the Heisenberg Institute has been sponsoring leaders of Innovation with their IOTA Heisenberg Fellowship program. The IOTA Heisenberg Fellowship is annually granted to four deserving fellows.

The IOTA Fellowships are granted in the following four areas:

  1. I Fellows – Innovators
  2. O Fellows – Outside the Box Thinkers
  3. T Fellows – Thought Leaders
  4. A Fellows – Change Agents

Former fellows include some of DC’s best and brightest including, EverFi’s – Tom Davidson, Proresource’s – Judy Schram, nVite’s – Marty Ringlein (See the complete list here).

Fellows must reside within 100 miles of DC or know someone who does. Have made a demonstrable contribution to innovation in the DC region. Unlike past Heisenberg Fellowship honorees, the Institute has decided that all future fellows must be more interested in padding their curriculum vitae as opposed to actually accomplishing anything. The Heisenberg Institute, Heisenberg Fellowship nomination committee found that past nominees were too busy working and accomplishing things that it was a distraction from the true responsibility of a fellow which was to look like you were accomplishing something.

Werner Duderstadt, executive director of the institute was quoted as saying,

“We want Heisenberg Fellows who look good and are not as concerned about awarding fellowships to people who do good.”

In addition, the Heisenberg Institute is now guaranteeing that anyone who pays, the esteemed proprietor of Driven Forward, $5, will be awarded Heisenberg Fellowship recipient with all the honors and advantages the fellowship implies, including your name listed on the cohort page, and the ability to add the Heisenberg Institute Innovation Fellow designation by linking to our LinkedIn page. For $25, you will be awarded all the advantages of the $5 fellows and in addition, you will receive a certificate commemorating your distinguished achievement (pictured above), a can of Driven Forward WhoopAss, plus if you order before December 1, 2018, you will be honored with a custom written full Bio description like those found on this page (See bios on this page). In addition, each fellow will be able to link to the Heisenberg Institute LinkedIn page and list themselves as a Heisenberg Fellow on their LinkedIn page which is impressive and looks like this:

Actual Image of the LinkedIn listing of a Heisenberg Fellowship Awardee


Such a deal…. no? Comment below if you would like to nominate someone or yourself as a Heseinberg Institute Heisenberg Fellow and Mr. Cranky will contact you regarding payment. Enhance your CV and your life! OH and be sure to follow the Heisenberg Institute on Twitter. You can find out more about the Heisenberg Institute on their web page.