The Entrepreneurial Startup Journey

It’s not about the destination… it’s about the journey.

For the founder, for the team, a startup is like peeling an onion. Peeling away each layer. From the inside out.

Yes the goal is about peeling that last layer and getting to daylight and yet when that’s your total focus. Each layer that leads to the next…. that isn’t an exit… is a disappointment.

The problem with onions is they come in lots of sizes. from marble sized pearl onions to grapefruit-sized big-mamas.

Now startups come in all sizes. And talent, timing and luck effect their life cycle. Stories about the 1 year journeys from rags to riches abound but the 10 or more year cycles are more the reality.

When you’re sitting inside the onion, you don’t know if it’s a pearl or big-mama. You just know that the next layer is in front of you. When you’re disappointed by each layer that leads to another subsequent layer.. that doesn’t lead to sunshine. you’re probably not going to have the staying power to make it to daylight. You’re setting yourself up for failure. How many disappointment can a person take?

So celebrate each layer as a step closer to daylight. Each layer takes you one step closer to the success you covet. Each layer is another day you’re standing and putting in the good fight.