6th Street Austin During SXSW

The #DCTech #SXSW Reading Prep Guide

For those of you going to South By Southwest (SXSW) for the first time. You might find this reading of my prior SXSW posts useful. If you do happen to find them useful, then I’d advise you bring an adult chaperone on the trip with you because you’re not qualified to be traveling alone.

Mr Cranky’s #SXSW Adventures–Movies or Films

  1. Mr Cranky’s #SXSW Adventures…. The Plane Ride From Hell –  A humorous cranky review on the DC to Austin trip
  2. You Know You’re Not In DC When: #SXSW Edition –  A look at some of the local and international attendees
  3. Mr. Cranky’s #SXSW Adventures–Missed Opportunities The FOMO of SXSW
  4. Mr Cranky’s #SXSW the Madness of DC Tech Crowds –  The Irony of Seeing More DCTech Folks at SXSW than in DC
  5. Mr Cranky’s #SXSW Adventures-Culture Clash –  The see change when the Music Festival Starts
  6. Mr Cranky’s #SXSW Adventures–Dog’s Breakfast –  A strategy for dealing with the stress of choosing an activity
  7. Mr Crank’s #SXSW Exhibit Hall Best of Show –  Advice about getting the best trinkets at the expo
  8. #SXSW Ain’t The Same Without #DCTech-ers Like… – More #DCTech folks here and missing
  9. Mr. Cranky’s SXSW Adventures–Sh*t Heard @ #SXSW – Just what it says it is
  10. Mr Cranky’s #SXSW #SXSWFilm Reveiws –Review of films seen in the 2013 event (Mathew McConaughey siting and photo)
  11. Mr Cranky’s #SXSW Adventures–Movies or Films – Review’s of a few of the 2012 films