The DCTech Startup Crime Family

The DCTech Scene is a microcosm of America. Just like everywhere in the world, there are good people, smart people, great people, and crooks. This post is a satirical look at the interconnections between the DCTech Startup Crime Family… basically the DCTech version of the Gambino Crime Family and illustrates just the interconnections between a few of DC’s shady tech executives.

Deep in the heart of the FBI’s DCTech Organized Crime Bureau (FDOCB), there is a bulletin board and our relentless correspondents gained access to the Bureau for this exclusive report (we as in I did not gain access to the Bureau because there is no Bureau. There is no FDOCB as far as I know).

When I look at two of the biggest, certified, crooks operating out of the DC startup community today, I noticed the strong interrelationship between other players that keep showing up as associates. Now 2 of these folks, Andy Powers and Danny Boice, are certified crooks accused of multiple infractions that likely include, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Tax Fraud, Securities Fraud, Embezzlement, Hubris, and Impersonating a Human. Let’s just look at Link Chart Bulletin Board.

Here’s a matrix of all the interrelationships between these people.

Danny Boice Andy Powers Ram Reddy Tim Lee Jonathon Perrelli
Communiclique Former Employee CEO & Founder Chairman CFO  
Empower Investment   Partner   Managing Director  
Trustify Founder & CEO Investor      
College Board VP Contractor      
Speek Co-founder Investor Investor Investor
Sabotage   Partner   Partner  
Life Fuels   Investor     Founder & CEO
Fortify Portfolio Founder       Mng Partner
N Wakefield St House Former Tenant Former Tenant Owner    

The Players

Andy (Pugsly) Powers – Founder and CEO of Communiclique (DBA CliqueAPI)
In an exhaustive investigation, covered in a post right here (see link), the Commonwealth of Virginia found that Powers and his team inflated revenues and faked valuations. They claimed revenue of over 100 million dollars when revenue was actually zero. They forged a valuation from a reputable investment bank to greatly inflate the valuation of the company. Andy and the company were convicted of fraud in the trial. Andy didn’t show up for the last day of the trial and it appears that the company relocated to Southern California and is now operating as a criminal enterprise under the name of


Andy’s had a long association with other criminals. For instance, sources tell me while working for Communiclique, Andy Powers was a contractor to The College Board, working for disgraced former College Board VP, Danny the Bimbo Boice. It is alleged that while Powers billed thousands of dollars of fees, he never did a minute of work for the College Board and never stepped foot in a college board office nor met with a college board employee whose name wasn’t Boice (see this post). It is alleged that Danny paid Powers and other Communiclique team members, College Board money to build Communiclique’s technology.

This criminal is also notorious for creating scam venture capital funds including Sabotage Institute and Empower Investments with his partner Tim Lee.

He likes to tell the story that he’s a billionaire from investing in Uber… more likely he once rode in an Uber and that doesn’t qualify as an investment. He claimed that Uber was a large customer of his company Communiclique… the FBI found this to be a lie. How does Andy live large? It appears he redirects investor money to fund his lifestyle.

July 30, 2019 UPDATE: Check out this report on the FBI’s arrest of Powers here. The company was put into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Andy is currently plea bargaining a deal with the US Attorney’s office.

Rating: Convicted Fraud

Danny (The Bimbo) Boice – Founder CEO of Dumpster Fire FlimFlam (DBA Trustify)
Danny’s the dumbest master criminal you’ll ever meet. Many people believe he shaves his head so that people won’t refer to him as a dumb blond. Danny will lie if the truth sounded better. He either dropped out or flunked out of James Madison in his first semester. His classmates at James Madison want to know who he paid off to get accepted in the first place. He pretends to have a Harvard, MIT, Wharton and Standford pedigree but this simpleton can’t even spell MIT (see this post).

Danny Boice and Any Powers have worked together for over 15 years. In that time they have developed very similar modus operandi.

Danny Boice cheated on his first wife, his investors, his employers, his employees, his co-founders, his country (taxes), and his family. According to multiple sources and a document distributed to all employees at the college board, he was fired from The College Board for misrepresenting his education (Lied he was a Harvard Graduate) and allegedly for embezzlement. He was fired from Speek, a company he founded after disappearing in Vegas for several days, and when he showed up, he had spent $40,000 of investor money.

Currently, at Trustify, Danny and his accomplice, his unfaithful wife, Jen Mellon will likely be found guilty of Tax Fraud, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, Embezzlement, Bigomy, checking out of the 10 item line of the grocery store with 11 items and impersonating a humans (here’s a running list of this guys issues).

Bimbo Boice was voted the Worst Wolf of Startupland in 2017 (see post)

July 30, 2019 UPDATE: Company has gone into bankruptcy after being sued by one of its major investors. The company is done but Danny faces serious well-documented fraud charges.

July 2020 Update: Boice is facing federal charges including five counts of wire fraud, one count of securities fraud, and two counts of money laundering.

Rating: Person Most Likely To Spend 20 Years In Jail

Ram (The Godfather) Reddy – Chairman of the Board of CliqueAPI
It’s not clear if Ram Reddy is an intentional criminal, a knowing accomplice to criminal acts or simply a fucking moron. He is and has been the Chairman of the Board of a CliqueAPI which was found to be a fraudulent enterprise by the Commonwealth of Virginia (see this post). He has been the Chairman of Communiclique since 2007. Yet in over a decade as the Chairman of the Board, he claims he thought that Communiclique was a legitimate enterprise.

Now maybe it’s just me but when I was the Chairman of the Board of a company, I looked at the books. I ensured they were audited and I signed off on the books verifying that they were accurate. Being Chairman of the Board of this company implicitly means that Ram distributed and implicitly endorsed the books and operating procedures of a company that the courts determined lied to and cheated investors.

Ram was recently honored by Rutgers University for making a large donation to the University… hopefully, that donation was not made in the form of fraudulently valued, worthless CliqueAPI stock (Hey Rutgers… you better check that out).

Additionally Reddy’s company Communiclique (DBA CliqueAPI) and Speek (Reddy was reportedly an investor in Speek) benefited from allegedly defrauding The College Board, when Danny Boice, created a contract paid for by the College Board that put Communiclique and Speek workers on as 1099 contractors to The College Board, while they worked on Communiclique and Speek technology (see post).

Let’s do a little audit of the 2016 Annual Report of the company for which Reddy is the chairman.

  • Report Alleges that revenue was $122 Million – The Court Found the Revenue was $0 (my calculations say that the real revenue was $122 Million less than the report. But don’t take my word for it, You’re the bigshot Ph.D. I barely got my BA from UMD. You do the math Ram, what is $0 minus $122,000,000?).
  • Report Alleges that a reputable investment bank valued your company at $850 million – The Court Found that this was a forged valuation report and that the bank never submitted a valuation. My back of the napkin valuation metrics says that 10 pounds of cow shit, costs $22. So CliqueAPI is worth $22 minus the $10 million in fines owed to the court the company is worth -$9,999,978.
  • Reddy vehemently asserts he is an innocent victim of Andy Powers’ fraud. According to John Rowley, Reddy’s attorney,

    “Dr. Reddy lost a substantial sum of money as a result of Powers’ deceit and he is one of the main victims of Powers’ fraud scheme.”

When Danny Bimbo Boice was illicitly using his position at The College Board to fund development of Ram’s company Communiclique, Danny was renting a home from Ram the Godfather Reddy. Want to rent a home from the godfather? Check it out on Zillow.

Here’s my question for Dr. Reddy. The case was filed in March of 2018, the judgment was rendered 2 months ago. You were the Chairman of the board of this fraudulent criminal enterprise and as of today, you have not distanced yourself from it one bit. As Chairman of the board, you implicitly endorsed this annual report (CommuniClique 2016 EOY Shareholder Report). Are you a crook or are you a moron or are you a moronic crook… Dr. Reddy?

July 9, 2019 Update: As of today, Ram Reddy changed his LinkedIn profile from Chairman of the Board of Communiclique to uninvolved, passive investor. That’s quite a switch from the guy who in January 2016, stood in front of an audience and said,

“In 2006 we started a company Communiclique which is a conference bridging collaboration communication technology, The Communiclique platform is into cloud computing and we can make 20 million calls going out to clients in four-tenths of a second. That was a test done by Google about five years ago.

So our conference calls is in cloud and it can be scalable. For example, Uber started in 2009 for its taxi service we connect the clients and the passengers all on our application. Our APIs are integrated with the Uber which is now a almost a $70 Billion company about 6 or 7 years old company. So that is the kind of scaling we can do in a product like that.

So our scaling also we’re in AirBnB and Federal Express and Apple. So our enterprise clients are great and our valuation is almost a billion dollars now and we’re still growing 50 – 60% a year. So we continue to grow and we opened our office in Tirupati a couple of months ago now.

So our goal is to use our eGov our application to integrate with the eTirupati also so that way we can reach out to everybody across the state and across India.”

Rating: Either unwitting accomplice complicit in the Communiclique Scam, a clueless imbecile, or a cooperating witness

Tim (The Douchebag) Lee – Former CFO Communiclique and Partner Sabotage Institute
This Douche lied to me and many people I know. For instance, he has erased any reference to Communiclique and Sabotage from his LinkedIn profile and then puffs his profile up by claiming he was a VP at Merril Lynch. Tim was a glorified Chaiwalla. He came into Merril in a junior position and left never having a promotion. He told me that Andy Powers was not a Partner in Sabotage when Andy Powers was a partner in Sabotage. Maybe it’s just me… but that sounds like a lie.

Besides being a partner with Andy (Pugsly) Powers in Sabotage, Tim was the incompetent crooked lying CFO at Communiclique (DBA CliqueAPI). That means he prepared the company’s financials (CommuniClique 2016 EOY Shareholder Report) found by the courts to be blatantly fraudulent. In addition, he has signed off on the documents to the SEC regarding capital raising (SEC Report. Notice that Ram, The Godfather Reddy, and Andy Pugsly Powers are also listed).

Tim was in charge of investor relations for Communiclique and he reached out and actively pushed his contacts to invest in the business. Today, he will not respond to their inquiries… in fact, he’s blocked them.

Tim is temporarily the Chairman of the Board of the Lever Fund. A legitimate charity started by a legitimate businessman who has since passed. The Lever Fund was originally funded by reputable people that I personally know. I say Timmy’s the Temporary Chairman because it is only a matter of time before the charity realizes that having a crooked Chairman of the Board is bad for fundraising (See this post).

Tim reached out to me when I first reported on the Communiclique case. We talked but he was unable to convince me that he wasn’t involved in fraud. He was evasive, slippery and I caught him in several lies.

It is noticeable while researching Tim’s background, I have only found one person who didn’t actually hate him. Timmy the Douche sits on the board of that guy’s startup. This gentleman wanted to convince me Tim was a great guy. Yet for some reason, he wasn’t willing to talk to me on the phone. He demanded that we meet in person. When I told him, I didn’t have time to meet in person, he offered to pay my hourly rate to meet. I then explained that that would be a conflict of interest and thankfully he stopped hounding me. He weirdly declined to talk on the phone.

Rating: Verified untrustworthy liar. Likely complicit in the Communiclique Scam

Jonathon (The Pimp) Perrelli – Co-Founder, Alleged Inventor, CEO of Multiple Trainwrecks

Authorities Inform us that Jonathon Perrelli is not what they call a useful idiot who unknowingly assists the crooks.
Jonathon Perrelli, or JP as he is known, has multiple ties to the two main felons in this post. He has associated with Boice and Powers for years. Andy Powers invested in Perrelli’s current train wreck called LifeFuels, a company that raised 5 million dollars and spent 4 years to produce nothing but PR for Perrelli (see post).

Perrelli was a big fanboy, supporter, and promoter of Danny Boice and his startups including the fabulous flop, Speek which was basically a spin-off of Communiclique and a raging bust for investors. He’s promoted other horrible train wrecks like Lemur, founded by Will Fuentes. Lemur basically had no product, just a few screens and yet, like Speek, Perrelli was out there promoting people to invest in this scammy overhyped turd.

If Perrelli is guilty of anything, his only crime is being a fool. He constantly displays poor judgment and associates with criminals and frauds. Perrelli has been a friend and promoter of Andy Powers and Danny Boice and Will Fuentes’s Lemur. He was a good friend of Minh Nguyen. Introducing and endorsing Minh as the founder of Plaxo (turned out to be a lie).  Minh was homeless at the time often slept at Perrelli’s joke of a VC accelerator the Fort.  Minh was sentenced to life in prison after murdering his ex-wife’s new husband in January 2015.

Is Perrelli a criminal? Only if stupidity, hubris, and sloth are crimes. Perrelli is guilty of poor judgment and associating with criminals.

A consistently incorrect indicator is almost as valuable as a consistently correct indicator. Take note of those with whom Perrelli associates… they are likely to be behind bars someday.

July 30, 2019 UPDATE: Perrelli’s company LifeFuels has still not released a product to the public.

Update: Why would I say that Perrelli is likely to introduce you to criminals? How could I say he associates with criminals? Let me count the ways:

Rating: Guilty of Poor Judgement or what intelligence officials would say, Perrelli, is a useful idiot

The Startup world is rife with bullshit that runs the gamut from incompetence, to empty boasts to outright larceny. When you head to a startup event in DC, keep your hands on your wallets and don’t take anything on face value. Also, if Perrelli the Pimp, introduces you to someone… run. If he asks you to invest… run.

Disclaimer: I volunteer my time and am an independent contractor for many organizations. The Views on my blog post are my own and do not represent the views of any of the organizations with whom I dedicate my time. That includes my clients in my coaching practice, the members of my Driven Forward ThinkTank, the University of Maryland. Mach37, The Founders Institute. These views also do not reflect the opinions for any organization that I was formerly associated with including, James Monroe Elementary School, where I graduated with distinction from 6th grade, Lexitron which I left in 1982, Montgomery Youth Hockey or Vistage an organization was grateful to be a part of and of which I happily parted ways in 2014.