The Crapification of Angel List

At one time Facebook was really cool. Your mom couldn’t get on it. Teeny boppers weren’t allowed. Facebook was the exclusive domain of college kids and it was the place to be. That is until they let me in. Then the hipsters left town.

Angel List had a few moments like that. Angel investors had to be verified Angel Investors, companies were there to raise money. Then it became interesting. Then it became important and then it became the honey pot attracting scammers, schemers and wannabe-ers.

Every week I get some shyster asking me to inorganically “like” their company. People in Facebook Groups beg others for Angel List “likes.” I’m getting hit by Angel List gaming “like” requests from LinkedIn, list serves, spam email. It’s getting so bad that when my phone rings at dinner time I’m expecting it to be a telesales Angel List “like” campaign.

I don’t know these like-seeking people or their crappy like-seeking companies. Their just hoping that I’m willing to be contributor to their noise at the cost of my integrity. They want my help to game the system and create the kind of activity that will make it appear that the flies circling the turd pile are really bees on a honey pot. They want me to destroy the value of the place where they dwell as they devalue that which I once valued.

Angel List is becoming the Bravo network of startups. A place where what is presented as reality is not reality. Where reality is presented through the eyes of  Pablo Picasso.  A place where the absurd is the norm and the norm is lost in the noise. As long as any person and any company can be a member and as long as all activity from all participants is treated equal than Angel List will become the myspace of startup social networking. It’s all part of the rush to the next startup bubble. The only reliable signal to be determined by the current intolerable signal to noise ratio is that the next bubble looms dangerously close ahead.

As Seen in the Washington Business Journal’s TechFlash. © 20-Washington Business Journal. Used by permission.posted in category