Startup Squashed Bug

The Case Against Selling Startup Hope

Some folks believe that in the startup world every startup founder deserves a participation trophy. They say that to be critical or to squash their hope will limit innovation. That we should cheer them into that unknown frontier.

Well, I say that often times that step into the unknown is over a cliff leading to a bad fall. In the real world where levitation is a parlor trick and gravity is a fact, a fall from a 1000 foot ledge will usually not end well. No, walking over a cliff is ill advised and not to be cheered.

Cheering someone on for doing something new that defies the law of physics usually ends badly. Like a bug on highway windshield.

Cheering someone over a cliff is irresponsible. The Startup Industrial Complex cheers all players, sensible and senseless because the more players the more link bait, ads, fees, LPs, sheep to shear the better for the service providers.

In a healthy sustainable marketplace, the parasites don’t kill off the majority of the hosts. In the Startup Industrial Complex, the players are the payers. The small percentage of winners make great recruiting fodder. Glorifying the craziest most flamboyant players feeds the excitement and attention. Yet 95% of the glorified pre-success parties are going to end up as bug spew on the windshield of startup life. Startupland is like a Casino where the house always wins, a small percentage of Googles and Facebooks and Twitters win enough to keep hope alive for the rest of us lottery ticket losers.

By the way, do you know the last thing to go through a bugs mind when it hits a windshield? ……. it’s hiney.