The Arraignment of Andy Powers Communicliqe

It’s a warm muggy August morning, 10:37 AM in Alexandria VA as I enter the US 4th District Court House, sans phone, or any electronics (which is why I had to do the extremely competent, near-professional, artistic collage and rendering of the back of Powers’ head as he faced the judge), show my ID, go through the scanner and up the escalator. In the courthouse second floor lobby, I am surprised to see Eugene Gorokhov of Burnham & Gorokhov, Andy Powers’ former attorney assigned as a public defender. Former because Gorokhov represented Andy up until two weeks ago when Powers dismissed him. Andy who couldn’t afford an attorney and was therefore assigned a public defender all of a sudden found the money to afford private counsel. Two weeks ago, this scum-sucking pig told the court he was firing Gorokhov, who was hired as a public defender in favor of a newly hired although still not yet hired, unnamed private attorney thus delaying the arraignment two weeks. That’s why we’re all here today (see more here).

If you are not familiar, with the Powers case. In 2006, Andy Powers started Communiclique (aka Clique API). In summer 2018, a Commonwealth of Virginia Court found that the company had cheated investors and fined the company in excess of $10 million. Earlier this year a Bankruptcy court in Deleware declared Communiclique bankrupt and found that contrary to the Virginia court order, Powers continued to raise money while lying about customer wins, revenue, and valuation. That bankruptcy court found that Powers had provided fraudulent documents to the court and referred that case to the US Attorney’s office. In an unrelated case, the US Attorney of the Eastern District of Virginia charged powers on 8 charges. Today’s hearing related to those 8 charges. I hope that catches you up on Powers, his ethics, his moral compass and his lack of taste in clothing.

I pass Mr. Gorokhov in the 2nd-floor lobby as he converses with a guard and the two appear to have a warm relationship. I have a question for him but I don’t wish to disturb him so I continue to the bank of elevators and head to the 6th floor. As I exit the elevator, the doors to courtroom 601 are locked. I turn to find a seat and there standing with his back to me, looking out the window at an overcast sky and the town of Alexandria is Andy Powers, standing, solemnly with his hands behind his back, feet apart posed like a Captain Blye on the deck of the HMS Bounty. A doomed ship.

I take a seat in the hallway and about 5 minutes go by when the bailiff, looking every bit Zach-Galifianakis as he did two weeks ago when I was here unlocks the courtroom. I enter and find myself the first person here. Soon I’m joined by the Clerk of the Court. Then two young professionally dressed ladies in dark suits enter the courthouse and stand near the Judge’s bench. Based on their discussion, it is obvious they are clerks.

Based on the murmurs in the room, I find out that the James Clawson case, one of the two cases on Judge Rossie Alston docket for the day was canceled. I also hear that the prosecutor in the Powers case, US Attorney Jack Hanley will be delayed. He’s in another courtroom at the time.

A Communiclique “investor” in the Communiclique Ponzi Scheme enters the courtroom, sits down next to me and introduces himself. It’s the first time I’ve met this gentleman.  He’s a reader of the blog. We compare notes, chat and wait for the main event.

Eugene Gorokhov enters the room and  I approach him and ask, “What are you doing here? I thought he dismissed you?”

“No Comment” is his reply. I’ll find out soon enough.

Two other onlookers, two women enter the courtroom and take seats in the back. Now between me, the victim, the two ladies, there are no other observers in the courtroom. Unlike the last aborted arraignment, the arresting FBI agent is absent today.

Jack Hanley enters the room and Gorokhov engages him in a conversation. Then Andy Powers enters and Gorokhov, a man I thought was his former attorney takes a seat with his pond scum client.

The judge enters, court is called to session and Mr. Hanley takes the prosecution table to the judge’s right. Powers and Gorokhov take seats in front of me to the left of the Judge. Power’s isn’t dressed in his usual, “Hey-Look-At-Me-I’m-Douchey-Thug-Wannabe” costume. He’s wearing “Hey-Judge-I’m-A-Upstanding-Citizcen” garb, his “I’m not a crook” costume, wearing a black jacket, black shirt, grey pants. His collar, once again pulled up high and tight to cover Powers’ cheap, tacky, pretend, tough guy, tats. Just a smidgen of his tats protrudes past his color.  His color so tight against his fat neck. Fat? Yes, I’ve heard of double chins, but from behind Andy kind of had a double or triple neck. It was like a neck muffin-top, overlapping his collar.

The show begins.

Judge Alston asked about Andy’s attorney. Why is Mr. Gorokov here? Andy explains he has not been able to obtain an attorney. The judge makes it clear that the arraignment will not be delayed again and we are going to hear Andy plea and set a court date. Powers assures the court, he’ll have a replacement attorney in one week.

US Attorney Hanley, then asks the judge to sign a protection order. It’s a simple order that protects the identities of individuals named in the discovery documents. The Judge asks Gorokov if he agrees to the order, and Andy’s “Attorney-of-the-moment” lets the judge know that his “client” won’t authorize it. The judge asks Powers if he will agree to it. Powers says his attornies, you know the ones he hasn’t yet hired, told him not to. The judge signs the order and notes Powers objection.

Then we get down to business. Powers is charged with the following 8 counts:

  1. Wire fraud, February 17, 2016 – $1,000,0011
  2. Wire fraud, August 8, 2016 – $115,200
  3. Wire fraud, September 6, 2017 – $100,005
  4. Wire fraud, September 1, 2017 – $440,000
  5.  Mail fraud, April 4, 2017
  6. Inducing interstate travel to defraud, November 29, 2016
  7. Unlawful Monetary Transaction, September 21, 2015 – $75,308 to purchase a 2015 GMC Yukon
  8. Unlawful Monetary Transaction, September 25, 2015 – $157,050 to purchase a 2015 BMW i8

He pleads not guilty and asks for a jury trial.

The conversation then turns to scheduling.  Hanley says he believes the case will take 3 – 4 days. Powers attorney says that the case is complicated and there are many documents to inspect that it should be scheduled in December. Jack Hanley doesn’t object. The judge pushes back. He wants to try for sometime in October or November. He’s concerned the defendants right to a speedy trial shouldn’t be violated. The last thing Powers wants is a speedy trial… he’s all about delay delay delay.  Although Gorokov is unlikely to be Power’s attorney when the case goes to trial, he tells the judge that he can’t be in court in October. Hanley can’t do November so the finds two dates in December to start the trial. Either the 9th or the 16th. Everyone agrees on the December 16th court date.

The Judge asks the Defendant, the scum bag, lying, thieving conman (not alleged, proven in other courts, Commonwealth of Virginia and Deleware Bankruptcy) if he agrees to wave his “right” to a speedy trial. As if he ever wants to go to trial. Judge Alston adds, that Mr. Gorokov is a very fine attorney and that Andy would not be in a bad position if he kept him as his attorney.  The judge makes it clear that he won’t tolerate more delays, that Powers new attorney, will have to agree to the following schedule.  Mark your calendars kids.

  • A Case Review – September 6 at 11AM
  • 3 – 4 day Jury Trial – December 16 – 20

Court is adjourned, and Andy Powers high tails it out of there. He leaves the courthouse and gets in the elevator alone. I enter the elevator with Hanley, Gorokhov and the victim with whom I sat during the proceedings. And that’s it… until next time.

Here’s the thing about Powers finding an attorney who will represent him. Powers has stiffed over a dozen attorneys in the past. He has damaged the reputations of attorneys by lying to them and having them pass on forged documents to the court. That lawyer resigned representing Powers and was worried about his bar license (see filing pdf below). The evidence against Powers is overwhelming. Much of it has been vetted by other courts. He has stepped on so many people, employees, contractors, vendors, that they are eager to hand in evidence to put this scumbag away. What lawyer wants to lose a court case, representing a scum bag, possibly damaging his standing with the court and then get stiffed? I’m afraid that poor Eugene Gorokhov is going to be stuck with this case being paid Public Defender wages… but we taxpayers are paying him so at least he’ll get paid.

On the way home, I call another Communiclique “Investor” to tell him what transpired today.  I learned that Andy Powers has hired and not paid a contractor to help him with a new site or business. The guy was tasked to find dirt on me... hahahah. I’ve had detectives do deep dives on my background… I know what is there. Besides the fact that I love Lucky Charms Cereal and have watched a porn video or two, there ain’t nothing there.  He asked the guy to check the Ashley Madison list… zilch. Keep trying Andy! (Note to Powers: Hey dopey, it’s a bad idea to have people work on secret stuff and not pay them, moron!)

The Back of Andy Powers Head, Artist Rendering, note the double fat neck above the collar, in front of Judge Alston