The 10 Reasons I Want an iWatch – The 10 Reasons I’m an Idiot

  1. It’s apple
  2. Dick Tracy had one in the 50’s
  3. It’s a very expensive hula hoop
  4. Its space has been reserved, right next to Google Glass in the Bad Fad Museum
  5. Everyone is going to want one… until they don’t
  6. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it… anyone want to overpay for a tulip bulb?
  7. Computer market growing… apple improves the computer, Digital Music Payers growing…. iPod improves the MP3 player, Mobile phone market growing… iPhone improves mobile phones… Tablet sales growing… iPad improves tablet…market is sinking, tablets seem like fads… watch market is shrinking… apple “improves” a sinking ship.
  8. Maybe apple can make a better Segway because the world also needs a more expensive 2 wheeled 11 mph urban transport vehicle that no one needs.
  9. Because they’ve failed before…. Newton anyone?
  10. Charge everyday with a proprietary cable when there’s perfectly available, working, standard cables that Apple can’t extort s