Tensionomics – Building a Better Startup

Yup Tensionomics. Being a great startup founder is all about managing the tensions between competing forces. That’s Tensionomics.  For instance the constant drive for perfection versus the need for urgent action.  Great entrepreneurs balance these forces to perfection.  Weak entrepreneurs give each force equal play or don’t spend enough time on that which will truly make a difference.

5 Typical struggles:

PerfectionGo To Market

Do you wait for your product offering to be completely flawless or do you prove you’re product has merit, do you get traction and generate revenue?

Short-Term RevenueFocus

Do you chase short-term non-strategic revenue opportunities, engage in Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) projects that deter you from your product plans or remain dedicated to your strategy?


Do you tend to spend more time thinking about doing versus the actual doing? General Patton said it best, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”


Do you follow a serial step by step process or parallel process? First things first, second thing never and do it now.


Can’t we all just get along? Do you balance the need for harmony against the reality that everyone moving at a rapid urgent pace is going to create finger pointing, impatience and one function is going to cause stress for other functions? Do you embrace reasonable discord?

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