Stick a Fork in Trustify- Danny Boice and Jen Mellon are Toast

You can mark this day… stick a fork in Trustify… it’s done. Danny Boice & Jen Mellon are toast. In the past few weeks, publicity hound, Jen Mellon, took down her Twitter page. Then Jen Mellon who goes through men faster than grass goes through a goose moved out of her home with Danny and back in with her ex-husband Eli (make sure you check this post on Jen’s revolving door love life).

Meanwhile, vendors are not getting paid, including lawyers. Just look at this email out from this angry Harvard Student hired via upwork to do research for Danny. This email shows the researcher is seeking satisfaction from the sleazy couple. Yes, Stick a fork in Trustify, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon are Toast

From: Amit
Date: Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 9:59 AM
Subject: Final settlement offer re: delinquent invoice
To: <[email protected]>

To Daniel Keith Boice, CEO of Trustify, Inc.:

This is a pre-suit settlement offer regarding the delinquent invoice for $419.21 owed to me by your company, Trustify, Inc., for services rendered in your child custody case under the written supervision of your personal attorney, Craig White. As you recall, I contacted you directly and your chief of staff, Elizabeth Klimp Magney, four times regarding your overdue invoice over a period of three weeks. On my fourth request for payment, I was removed from the Slack and ignored thereafter.

I am very disappointed in your refusal to pay me for services rendered. One would think that $420 would barely be a footnote of an invoice for you. However, what’s stunning is that you have taken the even more irresponsible step of providing full access to all of your corporate and personal emails, company documents, etc., to a contractor that you intended to rip off from the start. It’s also particularly concerning that you appear to be litigating your personal child custody case with your company’s resources, promising to pay me from the company account, and then seem to be willing to risk spending thousands of dollars in legal fees from the company’s pocket – all to avoid paying a random freelancer $420.

But most egregiously, you also handed me a huge amount of employee information, including I-9 documents – i.e., social security cards and driver’s licenses. I was compelled to destroy these immediately, but if this is how you handle sensitive employee data with regards to people you want to defraud, I cannot imagine the security risk your management poses to their safety.

With regards to your outstanding invoice, please make payment of the sum of $800, the remaining amount compensating for my efforts at collection, immediately, or I will file suit against you, Elizabeth Klimp Magney and Trustify, Inc. I don’t know and don’t care which one of you is responsible – though you hid behind the corporation, you’re personally liable for fraud, and you’re all probably severally liable for civil conspiracy – so I’ll have the N.D. Cal. sort it out when I sue you under the CFAA’s civil cause of action at 18 U.S.C. § 1030(g) and assert supplemental jurisdiction for a treble damages and a punitive damages claim under California law. This offer does not include any general release, confidentiality agreement, non-disparagement agreement, non-disclosure agreement or any other agreement but the release of my specific claims arising out of nonpayment against those three entities.

I understand that you have a habit of screwing investors and other assorted elements of the employing class over, what with Speek and the College Board and God knows what else. Seriously, I get it. For a hundred thousand dollars or so, a million or so, sure, why not – I’d never do it myself, but I can imagine it being a temptation for the morally weak. But for four hundred dollars? I am absolutely astounded at your complete lack of judgment, and I am ashamed to be graduating from the same institution you claim to have attended. I don’t care if you have some kind of childlike fantasy of being a criminal mastermind, masterfully cheating pennies out of orphans, but stick to picking on people your own size.