DC Startup

So you think you’re a startup founder?

Not everyone is cut out to be a startup founder. What are some of the clues that will tell you you might be better off applying to work at the post office?

  1. You don’t like to clean toilets or dig ditches
  2. You always follow the advice of your parents
  3. You often say, “whatever” and you aren’t being sarcastic
  4. You think that pan handling is beneath you
  5. You must sit down to eat
  6. You are offended and not proud when someone says your crazy
  7. You were voted Most Likely to Succeed in High School
  8. You weren’t voted Talks Most Says Least in High School
  9. You don’t believe that Beef Jerky and Potato Chips qualify as a Steak and Potato’s Dinner
  10. You think that you can learn about business from watching Donald Trump and the Apprentice

and then there’s an important bonus addition that should be #1 suggested by Dr. Penn Moody, an Indianapolis-based doctor of Optometry and an enigma…. because he’s more entrepreneur than doctor and he’s a great doctor! Penn adds The real #1:

1. You think holidays are for taking time off from work.

Yes Penn you’re right. Hell if you think work is work and if you’d rather be sitting at a beach than playing at your startup…… you’re not cut out to found this startup.