Scammers Hiding In the Plain Site of Charity

If you’re looking to defraud people, where should you hang out? At a bank? Probably not… because banks are not great places to meet and greet people.

Tinder.? Well maybe, depending on what you are trying to scam them out of.

A street corner with a sign, “Homeless and Hungry?” Only if you want to nickel and dime your way to riches.

No, if you’re trying to meet people and take them for a bundle of money… the best place to go to is a charity. Join and volunteer your time for a charity. Why? Because wealthy people tend to congregate around charities and people that honestly give of their time and money to charity usually do that with an open, genuine charitable heart. The Achilles Heal of an honest, genuine, pure of heart, giving, human being, something I call, Naive Projection.

Naive Projection – An honest and angelic person assuming that people are as honest and angelic as they are. – Mr. Cranky

Of course, everyone you meet, working for a charitable cause is pure of heart and purpose. We assume those people are just like “us.” Why else would they be so giving of their time?

Here’s why… if you’re a con man or woman, if you’re a Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice, who hid their larcenous behavior behind their braggadocios charitable efforts… you’re going to meet wealthy people who might invest in your dumpster fire company called Trustify. If you’re Jen Mellon, you might meet and gain the confidence of a Bernadette Chatterjee, who could recommend you to her presidential appointee husband, Niel Chatterjee, FERC Commissioner. And FERC commissioner Niel Chatterjee might trust your feigned, good heart, and hire you as his Confidential Assistant. A job that you are neither morally, intellectually or experimentally qualified to perform.

If you’re a convicted felon, like Matthew Pugsley, the CEO and founder of the fictional startup he calls Chalant Health, you might cozy up to investors or meet wealthy people who can introduce you to other possible wealthy investors. That’s why Matt Pugsley donated his time for charities like The Global Good Fund.

So the next time you are associating with a charity, giving back because you believe, because you are fulfilled by doing the work of an Angel… remember, not everyone is like you. Don’t assume the best of everyone you meet at that gala benefit. Bernie Madoff, one of the most successful Ponzi Scheme con men of all time was one of New York’s cities most prolific philanthropists. Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice raised $18 million from investors who were lulled into a false sense of the founders’ goodness and honesty by a deluge of Press Releases about all the charitable good in which they were involved.

Interestingly enough there is a corollary to Naive Projection and that is Pathological Projection.

Pathological Projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person. … In some cases projection can result in false accusations. For example, someone with adulterous feelings might accuse their partner of infidelity. – Good Therapy.

Pathological liars and cheats like Jen Mellon and Danny Boice assume that everyone lies, everyone cheats on their spouse, everyone steals and everyone is involved in a charity for selfish gain. That’s why they feel no shame when they do unto others what they believe everyone is doing onto them. That’s why they can look you in the eye and seem so genuine. They believe the bug in their human operating system is s feature in which all of us share.