Scammer Danny Boice Scammed by AdvisoryCloud

There’s nothing more fitting than when a scammer is scammed. Let me set the Stage.

Danny Boice is a well-documented perpetrator of fraud and embezzlement. He recently spent time in orange and white striped prison garb and leg shackles to explain to a judge why a guy who owned a $1.5 million home, a Tesla, had a chauffeur, maid, nanny, the groundskeeper was $50K in arrears on child support.

Boice has allegedly scammed people of over $30 million dollars while embezzling the cash for personal use.

So it’s only fitting that this clown is now paying AdvisoryCloud to find paid advisory positions and AdvsoryCloud will work as hard for Danny’s benefit as Danny worked for the benefit of his employees, vendors, customers, and investors when he was at Trustify. In other words, they’re going to keep his money and laugh at him! Who is AdvisoryCloud?

AdvisoryCloud is the F-rated Better Business Bueruea, 1-star Tust Pilot ranked, scam company that charges people who are too niave to be advisors as evidenced by the fact that they are not smart enough to check internet reviews before paying AdvisoryCloud to not get them an advisory position for which they are obviously not qualified.

Here’s how Danny Boice describes himself in his Advisory Cloud Profile (my comments added in red):

Danny Boice is an accomplished Senior Executive (accomplished or an accomplice?), Thought Leader (the next intelligent though he has will be his first), and Board Member (of multiple companies cone bankrupt and being investigated for fraud and corruption) with more than 20 years of success (as defined as being fired by College Board for resume padding and embezzlement, fired from speek a company he co-founded for going awol in Vegas for a one week drug, alcohol, and prostitution festival spending $40 thousand on the company credit card and currently being sued by investors in his last company, bankrupt Trustify for fraud and embezzlement) across the IT, education, publishing, government, media, telecom, and healthcare industries. Leveraging extensive experience in designing and developing new products (that have all failed), he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance on market expansion or growth strategy. His broad areas of expertise include technology, fundraising, venture capital, entrepreneurship, marketing, partnerships, R&D, and e-commerce.

Throughout his executive career, Danny has held leadership positions with Trustify (bankrupt and being sued by investors), Speek (raised $8 million from investors and sold for $150 thousand after Boice was fired for cause), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Forbes, Georgetown University, and the College Board (fired for cause).

2015 – 2019

Chair and CTO – Trustify (Under investigation by the FBI for Fraud and Embezzlement)
Trustify (Bankrupt)

Aggregated former intelligence, defense, CIA, FBI, law enforcement, DHS, Secret Service, military, and NSA into a marketplace
Developed new and innovative cybersecurity technology
Raised $30M in venture capital from top global investors
2014 – 2015

White House Innovation Fellow / Entrepreneur in Residence – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Appointed under President Obama and introduced Agile and lean startup to the government
Conceived and launched a new product for HHS to help avoid fraud amongst elderly Americans
2012 – 2014

Board of Directors, President, and CTO – Speek (Fired for Cause)
Speek (Sold for $150 thousand dollars with the proceeds going to the employees who joined the acquiring company. Danny and the investors lost every penny)

Raised series A funding
Won a patent for initiating phone calls from a URL
Acquired by a large public company in the telecom space

It would be difficult to find a person who deserves to be a customer of AdvisoryCloud more than Danny Boice! Congratulations Danny! You’re paying a company that charges $200 per month to cash your checks and nothing more.

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