Ross Blankenship Failed Entrepreneur and Pretend Angel King

There are a ton of Ross Blankenship fans out there. And these, let’s call them “fans” for lack of a better word love to tell stories about this creep. None of the stories are flattering. Since I last published a post about Ross, I’ve received multiple tips from people who worked with him. The consistent Ross Blankenship Story from all sources goes like this.

The poor guy achieved two things in his life… he got into and graduated from a legitimate University. Ross Blankenship graduated from Cornell University in 2005. And he married well, too bad you can’t say the same for his poor wife.

After graduating from Cornell, Ross came to Washington DC and partnered with his former Cornell roommate to start a tutoring company, Top Test Prep. Multiple sources report that Ross was extremely difficult to work with. He was abusive to his team, he was petulant and completely incompetent. While at Top Test Prep, in 2012, Ross founded a laughable startup called StudyHall.  Ross tried to raise money for StudyHall but he was only able to secure investments from 3 sources, himself, a friend (probably not still a friend), and the family of his partner in Top Test Prep.

At Study Hall, Top Test Prep and Angel Kings, there is one common thread, Ross Blankenship fought with and mistreated employees and customers. He fired anyone who disagreed with him. It’s not a surprise that everything he’s ever touched failed. Investors in Study Hall lost everything.

Since that time, he has never been able to raise a dime of outside funding. Since that time, Ross has failed at everything he’s tried.

So how does Ross survive? How does he pay his bills? Fortunately for Ross, he married well. His wife’s family comes from money and she’s bringing home the bacon as a respected physician. Ross’s wife, Dr. Winslow Blankenship is a Dermatologist at Vail Dermatology.

Please check into Blankenship before contracting him. He’s not an accomplished investor. He’s not an accomplished founder and he has no idea how to raise money.

Associating with Ross Blankenship can be bad for your business and for you. No legitimate investor will respect any company that uses Ross to help them raise money.

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