Render To Ceasar And Perrelli of LifeFuels

It’s easy to bash someone who has spent four years and five million dollars resulting in nothing like Jonathan Perrelli of LifeFuels has done. Up until yesterday after four years of work and after spending Five Million dollars, Perrelli of Lifefuels has developed the following significant important results:

  1. Reportedly raised $5 Million Dollars
  2. A 2016 Office Envy Award from the Crack Journalists at DC Inno (link here) – Because taking investor cash and spending it on a really cool office has always been proven to deliver superior investor returns… providing the returns aren’t a financial return on investment. Many silly companies try and extend their runway until they have a product to deliver.
  3. A 2017 CES Innovation Award – Because everyone should spend money on a pay to play award for a product that doesn’t yet exist… that’s always a good idea.
  4. A 2018 CES Innovation Award – Because why screw with success? You still don’t have a product but you’re not yet out of cash so why not spend the cash to “win” an award that is awarded to every single company that pays to “win” the award when you still don’t have a product? It’s a great strategy to spend investors money to promote a product that no one can purchase because an idea does not a product make and LifeFuels is still nothing but a great office, 2 meaningless PR awards, and an idea…. and not a very good idea at that, in my not so humble opinion.
  5. Collected an assload of names on the waiting list for people willing to spend $150 to buy a $2 Vitaminwater that tells your phone you drank a Vitaminwater. Because in four years depending on how large the list is, there is a high probability that at least one of them died and now LifeFuels can advertise that people are dying to get their hands on this bottle.

What’s not easy is heaping praise on Ceasar. But I will render to Perrelli what is due to Perrelli!. And I’ll render it in a friggin’ large font!

Congratulations Jonathon Perrelli of LifeFuels

On April 12, 2018, LifeFuels, announced a partnership with consumer coffee beverage making giant, Keurig. The details of the deal were not announced, and I am not going to throw cold water on the deal examining whether this is just another step in a process of if this is a win. After five years, where many Startups are either delivering product or game over… LifeFuels who still has produced no product gets to live another day to play an 8th overtime quarter of a 4 quarter game. And yes this is a big deal. Keurig is a good company.

Now prove to me it’s a meaningful win and not another in a long list of meaningless glitter traction wins by:

  1. Producing a product – The Keurig Announcement improved the odds of that.
  2. It is a commercial success
  3. There is a positive return for non-executive team investors

Again, I’m going to say Congratulations Jonathon Perrelli of LifeFuels! Congratulations LifeFuels Team! Good Luck LifeFuels Investors!