redskins toxic culture

Redskins Culture… a dog’s breakfast

When it comes to the front office the term Redskins Culture is right up there with the world’s great oxymorons like:

  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • Seriously Funny
  • Found Missing
  • Washington Mass Transit Authority
  • Trustify
  • President Trump

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

If this is true than the worst NFL teams… the dogs of the NFL will continue to feast on Redskin meat during team breakfast. The Redskins are the very definition of a dogs breakfast.

Just as people were starting to believe again… after 2 straight seasons that were slightly better than suck… the fire in the dumpster ignited again and the team becomes the 1970’s Cleveland Cuyahoga river:

Redskins Culture is a Toxic Culture that ranks in the top 6 most dysfunctional organizations in DC. The list:

  1. The Whitehouse
  2. Congress
  3. Redskins
  4. Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) – See the series of WMATA Posts
    1. WMATA Hires Firm To Help Them Pretend They Don’t Suck
    2. WMATABranding – Sucking Since 1976
  5. Disruption Corp the perfect name for the only accelerator to push 1776 to the 6th position
  6. Trustify

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As a Washingtonian, I find the name Washington Redskins offensive, I much rather see them renamed the Bayone NJ Redskins, or the Rochester NY Redskins or the San Diego Redskins.  Any name that means that Dan’s Team is not in my town. Dan Snyder made me a Baltimore Ravens fan.