Real People Around The World – Geraldo

A couple weeks ago I was speaking with Rodney Loges, President of One Degree Capital, a smart, veteran businessman as well as a veteran veteran. Now Rodney’s a blog in his self. I’ve been trying to get him to join one of my Peer Advisory Groups for 10 years with no luck. He’d be a great member who would give, maybe more than he gets.

But that’s another blog.  A few weeks ago, Rodney told me a story. When ever he travels, he’ll interview shopkeepers. Strike up a conversation and find out what drives these people, why do they do what they do. It was a fascinating idea and I told him I’d steal it during my next vacation.

That’s this blog post.

Geraldo the Mexican Scholar and Nytor Server

Walking past the main square of Copenhagen’s old town, Mrs Cranky (don’t ever call her that if you value your life), head squarely buried in her Rick Steves’ Scandinavia book, as we walked past an outdoor cafe Restaurant Nytorv Cafe, a waiter directs called out, “Hi, is that Rick Steves book?”

“Yes,” She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Called-Mrs-Cranky replies. The waiter (Geraldo) continued, “Check out page, 107…… that’s us.”

… simple as that, we were hooked.

So we stopped had coffee and I had a chance to talk to Geraldo.

First I learned that Geraldo is from Mexico…. Now that scared me because according to our Dear Leader, President Trump, Mexico isn’t sending us their best. They’re sending rapists and drug dealers and I guess some of them are alright. So I asked Geraldo about this and he explained to me, remember the Mexican Hat Dance (See video below if you don’t)?

Well Geraldo helped us figure out that the Mexican Hat Dance is a Mexican version of the Hogwarts Sorting Hat…. rapists and drug dealers to House United States, and Good Mexicans to House Denmark.

Geraldo speaks French, Spanish, Danish, Arabic, and English. That makes him a polyglot. Which reminds me,

Do you know what you call a person who speaks 2 languages? Bilingual.
Someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual.
Someone who speaks one language? ….. American….. rim shot.

Geraldo left Mexico 18 years ago. At first he went to Montreal where he learned French. Then he made his way to Copenhagen to go to University. While the University of Copenhagen is free for all Dane’s and many members of the EU…. Geraldo had to pay tuition. But he worked his way through school, graduated and is the kind of industrious guy we’d be lucky to have living with us as a US citizen.

He represented his restaurant well. We had a nice coffee break loaded with entertaining from our new friend Geraldo.

(Note: Unlike our Dear Leader I have nothing but respect for the hard working Mexicans and other Latin Americans who come to our country for our better life.  For the same reasons and as my European Grandparents. I value the contributions of hard working people like Geraldo in Copenhagen, and the ladies who clean our houses, take care of our children, the men who work as day laborers or farm migrants. The people who do jobs Americans won’t do and do it with out complaint while trying to make a better life for their families.)