Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Need No Stinkin Harvard Diploma

(Originally published July 2, 2015, updated with the clarification that follows original post on April 14,2017) 

Lately Danny Boice, a phony, two-bit loud-mouth wantrepreneur’s been getting a lot of press for his latest soon-to-be-failure startup. Just last month, his prior unspeakable, high-visibility failure took a dump on its investors as that hyped-up turd finally got flushed down the toilet.

Now here’s the thing, Danny pretends his not-for-credit, anyone-with-a credit-card allowed, online Harvard class made him a Harvard Alum (see Clarification below added April 15, 2017). He also claims he’s an MIT alum. If he was ever accepted to a competitive acceptance, degreed program of any top 20 college there is no trace of evidence, unless you count his word. In fact, not that it matters but he even admits he’s never graduated from any college.

Let me be clear. Everyone who knows Danny will tell you he is one of the least educated, least intellectually curious, non-erudite (ha, I just made that dope, Danny look up erudite). This guy has failed at almost everything. He’s a failure as a husband, a son, a father a human. He’s failed at multiple businesses and was fired from Speek for embezzlement. He was fired from The College Board for fraud, embezzlement, and sloth. But he keeps pitching his failures as successes and his being able to spell MIT as being an alum. His only verifiable success is his ability to con people into hiring him before they fire him and investing in him before they realize that investing in a Nigerian Prince had a higher chance of producing a positive return.

So just to be clear….when you have a job history in the startup world, your college pedigree barely counts for squat. All that counts is your history of getting shit done (GSD) and if your only skill is to FYG (Flap Your Gums) and you have no ability to GSD but you need a job and you weren’t smart enough, or diligent enough or fortunate enough to attend an ivy or near ivy…. then pretending you did will only get you so far.

And you know what else? If people said you didn’t get into Harvard and you did….. you shouldn’t threaten to sue them, you should sue them. Because in court….. your Harvard degree will win the day!!!!


There are many ways to claim you are a “Harvard Man” or a “Harvard Lady,” all of them are legitimate.  I know I’m the father of a Magna Cum Laude Harvard Undergrad who is now a 1st year Harvard Law student.

Harvard Undergrad acceptance rates are 5.4 percent, second only to Stanford at 4.8 percent according to a quick google search.

Just getting into Harvard as an undergrad is an achievement. Graduation… more laudable. Acceptance in a Harvard graduate program like the Harvard Business School (HBA) – 12 percent acceptance rate and Harvard Law (HLA) – 15.6 percent acceptance rate is quite an achievement.

And then there is the backdoor into Harvard called the Harvard Extension School (HES). HES accepts students with sub-par GPAs and SATs. I’m talking even a grammar challenged, spelling-challenged, nitwit like me could get accepted. Getting into and taking classes at Harvard Extension is not competitive. It’s a no brainer. Hey…. maybe I could get accepted.

In his Hacking Harvard post dated August 2013, Eddie Braverman states:

“You’re not about to let that adolescent breaking and entering conviction keep you out of the Ivy League, are you? Would your score on the SAT make it a tough sale to get into community college? How about that 1.6 cumulative high school GPA?

Fear not. You too can be a Harvard man.”

Yes getting into the extension program at Harvard which includes the Continuing Education School is not so difficult with 14,000 students taking advantage of the program every year. That compares to total Harvard undergrad enrollment of under 7,000 students.

Entering HES is easy…. dropping out and not completing HES even easier… completing and earning a degree at HES is an exceptional commendable academic feat! I’m not belittling anyone who takes HES classes. Quite the contrary, I believe a quest for learning is a great thing! I’m just saying there is a distinction between those who earned a credit there and those that earned a degree. Those few few people who actually earn a degree from HES have something to brag about. As far as I’m concerned that degree is as valuable as any other Harvard degree.

In Conclusion:

  1. Harvard Undergrad Acceptance = Bragworthy
  2. Harvard Undergrad Graduation = Bragworthy
  3. Harvard Business School Acceptance = Bragworthy
  4. Harvard Business School Graduation = Bragworthy
  5. Harvard Extension School Acceptance = Mom Pat-On-The-Back-Worthy
  6. Harvard Extension School Graduation = Bragworthy

Pretending that you are a Harvard Man because you took HES classes…. that’s a con man’s move. That’s the move of someone who is trying to stand on the shoulders of those who sacrificed and worked for a considerable achievement. That’s a move that looks like a con in the hopes that no one will notice and call bullshit on your pretending to be something you are not.

I sure hope that that makes everyone feel better about my post!

Check out how Danny Boice threatened to sue me and then went away and hide when my lawyer responded.