Pitching Aspirin Inc

Raising Capital

The other day, I did a class on raising capital and pitching for money to a group of Ph.D. Students, Researchers, and Professors at the University of Maryland. As I went through the pitch, I kept referring to material that they could find on my blog that could prove useful. Here’s a recap of curated articles I’ve written on raising money.

  1. Raising Capital Strategy – Getting ready to raise capital for your startup
    1. Are You Venture Capital Fundable – Do you really have an idea that will interest investors?
    2. The Best Time To Raise Capital – When is the right time to raise money?
    3. Six Hurdles To Getting Investors – The more milestones you’ve successfully completed the lower the risk of executing your plan. Reducing risk raises the odds of raising around at an attractive valuation.
    4. A Construct For Thinking About Startup Risk-Reward– A construct to help you decide if now is the time to raise money
    5. Targeting Investors – How do you find the right people who might invest in your startup
  2. Strategy for pitching to investors – Preparing your pitch
    1. Driving Investors On To The Bus – Understanding how investors look at investments
    2. Do Venture Capitalists Have Feelings?– Don’t just pitch the numbers, pitch the feeling the emotion
    3. No Pain, No Gain – Understanding human nature and how that plays into your pitch
    4. Pitching Low and Inside – Rember when you pitch that you’re looking for a date and not for a marriage proposal. Keep it high level and work up to landing the investor
    5. Financial Plan – A simple hack for creating a reasonable financial plan
    6. Seven Issues That Sabotage Startups From Raising Venture Capital – What to avoid in designing your campaign
  3. How To Pitch – The mechanics of Pictching
    1.  Pitching Aspirin Inc To VCs For Cash Is A 5 Chapter Story Baby– Here’s a pitch template that should work for most companies
    2. To Lead With Secret Sauce, Traction Or Pain. That Is The Question – How should you start your pitch?
    3. Your Pretty Startup Baby Is Prettier To You Than To Mr Cranky – Don’t Do Demos unlesss your demo is amazing! Trust me your demo is not amazing! I coach a researcher who can cure Muscular Dystrophy in rats with one treatment. He can show a video of a paralyzed rat and two weeks after treatment the rat wins the gold medal in the rat decathlon.  If your demo isn’t that good, stay away from demos.
    4. Don’t Say That! – The don’ts
    5. Lies Entrepreneurs Say While Courting Investors – the more don’ts
    6. The Dumbest Question VCs Ask Startup Founders – Don’t let the investor intimidate you with dumb questions. Don’t take the bait.

It is important to remember, that your presentation will be judged on multiple levels.

  1. The Plan – The plan itself displays the quality of your vision, concept, and your strategic thinking.
  2. Professional Looking Slides – Good images? Is it text heavy? Hire a freelancer to dress up your presentation. Present a slick, professional-looking presentation deck.
  3. You as a Presenter – Your tone, demonstrates your authority, confidence, and ability to communicate your vision and your body language signal your ability to lead. Studies show that Body Language has a significantly greater effect on presentations than #2 tone. Your actual words account for less than 10% of the impact of your presentation.