Presenting – Less Is Never Not More

The first rule of presenting is… don’t lose your audience. Even the most dynamic presenters aren’t able to keep their audience hanging on to every word. So you want some advice? The best way to get them to hang on every word you are presenting is to give a one word presentation.

I see a lot of presentations… a lot. I find myself coaching presenters and I’m a great audience to test a presentation because I am uber-ADHD. I’m talking I almost fell asleep in the first 30 minutes of “Get Out.” My attention span is worse than that of a goldfish, which actually according to recent studies show that gold fish can remember things for as long as 5 months… which is pretty disturbing on so many levels, let me count the ways:

  1. How the hell do you test the memory of a gold fish? Do you play concentration with them (wow check out the big fish concentration game. Probably the exact methodology used to test the goldfish memory)?
  2. Should we store TV remotes with our fish so they will always remember we’re we left the remote?
  3. Would fish make better politicians because of their superior memory which would enable them to remember campaign promises the day after an election?

So here I go giving a post about getting to the point and I have waisted 222 words without yet getting to the point.

What is the point?

“Nobody who ever created a presentation could not have benefited from cutting their presentation down by 30 percent,” Mr Cranky

Go back through your slides and ask yourself if I had to cut out 3 slides, which 3 should I cut? Then cut them… I guarantee you that you like those slides better than your audience…sitting in their seats, thinking about how badly they need a potty break.

Go back through each slide and cut out 30% of the words.

Keep it short! Because when presenting? Less is never not more! Less is more.