Glen Hellman Pitching VC

Pitching To Investors Bibliography

Here’s the notes from today’s class:

Pitching is a 5 Chapter Story: Aspirin Inc Presentation

  1. The pitching-for-doughits-a-5-chapter-story-baby.htmlPain – “Imagine you are
  2. The Solution – “What if”
  3. The Market – “Well there are millions of folks with that problem”
  4. Why Trust You
    1. Team
    2. Go To Market Strategy
    3. Secret Sauce
    4. Competition
  5. The Financials – The Investment Payoff, Developing a Financial Plan

Don’t go into too much detail: Stay High and Inside
Don’t do a demo until you’re asked: No Demos!

People do not make decisions using pure, rational, logical inputs.  You must appeal to emotions, fear, personal gain. Complex conceptional thinking is an unreliable motivator of the desired action. Humans are hardwired to react in certain citations.  Know that. Examples:

  1. The Trolley Problem – The Trolley Problem Explained
  2. Neuro Psychology – The Old Brain is the Decision MakerRelativity
  3. Human Stories versus Conceptual Statistics – Joseph Stalin Master Marketer
  4. Motivation – Daniel Pink on Motivation
    1. Purpose – The Why
    2. Autonomy – Results Driven Management
    3. Mastery – Assign responsibility for improving a specific measurable aspect of the business to individuals and give them a meaningful metric for which they are responsible that displays the results of their efforts. Gamify the job and get the addictive effect of video games.

Your presentation will be judged on multiple levels. The plan itself displays the quality of your vision concept and your strategic thinking. You’re tone, demonstrates your authority, confidence, and ability to communicate your vision and your body language signals your ability to lead. Studies show that Body Language has a significantly greater effect on presentations than #2 tone. Your actual words account for less than 10% of the impact of your presentation.