Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett – In His Own Words

There are many super-celebrities in the DCTech startup world. Today I thought I’d feature one such celebrety in their own words from Twitter and Facebook. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Peter Corbett, CEO of iStrategyLabs and de facto king of DCTech!

And then Peter posted a followed-up Facebook post (below). Perhaps someday Facebook and Craig’s list will become iBank marketplaces for M&A deals. Although most people look at M&A like sex… an activity that is best done in private.

Peter Corbett – DC Tech Facebook Group, December 4, 2013
HELP: We’re looking to buy a small agency/design studio. Know someone I should talk to? Hit me at: (email redacted) Alternatively, we would also consider buying a small startup that wants to move on and work with us on product and service stuff. Likely a cash+equity deal.

From 11 people last year to 35 now, and likely 50+ in 2014, iStrategyLabs is evaluating a lot of options for how to continue pushing the envelop for the kinds of digital and physical things we design and build. One of those options is to join forces with other talented innovators through M&A.

If you are/know someone who’s interested in exploring this and are based in DC or NYC I’d love to talk. HELP: We’re looking to buy a small agency/design studio.

Epilog: December 14, 2014

It would seem that my republishing of Mr Corbett’s public declarations were found offensive or hit some kind of nerve. I’m not sure what happened or why anyone would you tweet anything they didn’t want people to read, retweet or republish. You would think a social media expert wouldn’t publicly publish that which he didn’t want read eleswhere None of the content in this blog was embellished or edited,…. I think I’ll let these latest tweets of Peter’s speak for themselves:

Free advice, worth every penny… If you don’t like what someone is saying about you, even if all they are doing is repeating your published works, don’t call attention to it with frantic tweets. This post had more hits in two days than a normal week of total blog hits. Check out PR Crisis Management.