Personal Branding BS

Enough already with the video-blogs from people who might have had something to say but after the 5th video blog it’s just noise. It’s all about personal branding and yet the problem with personal branding is that it typically winds up looking like a camel.. you know what a camel is, right? It’s a horse designed by committee.  Most personal brands are built to attract everyone and therefore repel no one. Take it from a man whose personal brand is a repellant:

  • If you are not focused and highly targeted regarding your personal brand audience… your personal brand is vanilla ice cream…. Breyers vanilla ice cream at that and not Häagen-Dazs
  • If you’re not willing to turn some potential buyers off… your personal brand is Buick… a car that isn’t your grandmother’s Buick nor your grandmother’s grandchild’s Buick
  • If your personal brand is indistinguishable from the umpteen guys who put on a suit jacket and talk into a video camera… then your bits are evaporating in the ether

Speaking of video’s here’s my Just-Another-Talking-Suit video blog:

If you can’t see the video you can watch it on Youtube by linking here.


Personal branding… actually like many of my peers, like many of us service providers I’m about to give you the typical service provider video message. I have nothing to say nothing of importance but that’s not gonna stop me from saying it. It is also never gonna stop me from making dramatic hand motions to emphasize the importance of what I don’t have to say now I do have one thing to say that’s not that important either and I want to talk a little bit about personal branding.

Personal branding typically is BS. It’s usually bullshit pure and simple. The only valuable personal brand is a very strong personal brand that creates as many detractors as it does attractors and therefore most people who are into personal branding are into branding milquetoast. They’re into branding something that doesn’t stand out from the crowd because they were not willing to turn people off as an entrepreneur. As a marketer it is important to have a strong attraction and there is no strong attraction without the detraction.

For instance, I hate Apple. I hate it. I will never buy an Apple product. I’m a Google fan there are many people who hate Apple there are many people who love Apple. Apple is willing to deal with that.

There are many people who hate Mr. Cranky and there are probably more people who hate and are detractors of Mr. Cranky than love Mr. Cranky. That’s my brand but I don’t need to do business with everybody and I don’t need to say nothing to nobody. Therefore I’m done with this video message. I just felt compelled to do it because so many other service providers are competing this way so I wanted to put out a message that didn’t stand out and placed me in the same class as other video service providers.

So thank you very much. Stop by and check in on my next video which I’ll probably never happen.