Open Letter to Jan Ridgely, United Charitable

This is an open letter to Jan Ridgely, United Charitable.

Updated February 23, 2018: Below with a new message for Jan.

Jan Ridgely, United Charitable
8201 Greensboro Dr
Tysons, VA 22102

February 22, 2018

Dear Ms. Jan Ridgely, United Charitable,

I understand that you are interested in a conversation with me regarding my blog posts about Matthew Pugsley and Chalant Health (See these posts: Chalant Health To Invest Or To InvestigateChalant Health Leadership TurnoverDo You Know These Chalant Health People). I assume that these blog posts documenting your relationship with a fraudulent company, Chalant Health add to your mounting displeasure (see these posts: Jan Ridgely – Defender Of Matthew Pugsley And Chalant HealthCharitable? Not Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO). I fully understand why these posts would upset you. They would upset me if they were written about me but that’s because I don’t associate with criminals. If they were written about me they would be falsehoods.

No, Ms. Ridgely, these posts are written about you and Matthew and are factually accurate. These posts most definitely paint your friend Matthew Q. Pugsley and you Jan Ridgely, United Charitable in a bad light.

I offer you this open invitation. Please respond to the portions of the posts you find offensive and inaccurate (note the and, and not the or) in the comments section of this post. I am not concerned if the post offends you. I am only concerned that it is accurate. I assure you that I do not intend to wrongfully accuse anyone of any malfeasance. When you provide documentation that these posts or any portion of these posts are inaccurate, I will gladly correct the record and apologize. Also, I will be happy to speak with you only if you maturely document any of these falsehoods and only after you address my concerns.

I respectfully inform you that only documented, credible evidence of inaccuracies will induce me to correct any assertions of inaccuracies. The only credible reason I believe that you continue to rant and rail instead of responding with a plausible defense is because there is no viable defense. Therefore the fact that I’ve documented all of my assertions and you are unable to respond to the contrary is prima facia evidence that these posts accurately reflect the truth. I’m sorry that you find facts offensive. Let me be clear, you may directly provide documented evidence of my inaccurate reporting or you are invited to have your attornies contact my attornies on this issue. That is the only way you will gain your desired result.

Short of that, I will let the record stand.

Here’s what won’t work. You can’t call my mother and ask her to have me stop picking on poor Matthew. Unfortunately, my dear mother is no longer with us. But if she was here, she’d probably say, good job, Glenny Boy. You see, she would call me Glenny Boy on the rare occasions I made her proud.

You can call the Tower Club and ask them to kick me out and open them up to legal liability for discrimination. You can call everyone who I’ve ever associated with, including the University of Maryland, Vistage, any one of my many present or former clients. You can call James Monroe Elementary School and ask them to revoke my graduation from 6th grade. None of this will work, even if you found a sympathetic ear who believed your specious rants. Even if it damaged me financially.

Unless I’m proven wrong, I will not erase the record. Every time you make a phone call, you incent me to continue to highlight your behavior.

An innocent person would take a different path. A guilty person would try to gaslight me as you are doing. An innocent person would present evidence or take legal action. Every time I hear you’ve tried to interfere with my relationships, you risk a lawsuit of tortious interference. You see people who have right on their side have legal options. People who don’t… don’t.

So Jan Ridgely, United Charitable, everytime you become top of mind with me, I get to write a new blog post which drives more traffic to my sight, which helps me attract clients who admire a man of integrity, who is willing to call out bad actors and defend the naive, and who won’t be pressured to compromise his values. That’s good for my business. On the other hand, each time I write Jan Ridgely, United Charitable, my site becomes a great SEO honeypot for people who want to learn about you (let me google Jan Ridgely United Charitable for you). I look forward to your thoughtful and honest reply to attempt to address your concerns.


Glen Hellman
Mr. Cranky

P.S. Why are you defending Matthew Pugsley and he’s not defending you? Where is he? I hear he’ll be in court in March to defend himself for being 10’s of thousands of dollars in arrears for child support payments. Is that true?

Updated 2/23/2018: Jan, Jan, Jan, don’t call me, I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know. Especially from screaming nut jobs,. That’s how folks have described you to me. Don’t bother me with texts, I will not respond to you. As I said, answer in the comments here, in the open. Lastly, I didn’t ask you to speak with my attorney. If you want to communicate to my attorney, you must do it through your own attorney.  Have your attorney contact me and I will put that person in touch with my Attorney.

Disclaimer: I volunteer my time and am an independent contractor for many organizations. The Views on my blog post are my own and do not represent the views of any of the organizations with whom I dedicate my time. That includes my clients in my coaching practice, the members of my Driven Forward ThinkTank, the University of Maryland. Mach37, The Founders Institute and any other organization I represent today or in the past. These views also do not reflect the opinions for any organization that I was formerly associated with including, James Monroe Elementary School, where I graduated with distinction (if a C average is a distinction) from 6th grade, Lexitron which I left in 1982, Montgomery Youth Hockey, Concrete Banana (my 4th grade rock band) or Vistage an organization I was grateful to be a part of and happily parted ways with in 2014.