Online Guitar Store Scam Alert

Online Guitar Store Scame Alert.

Be Aware Facebook hosts advertisements for bogus guitar sites. Some of those sites include the following URLs.


Online Guitar Store Scam Alert… If it’s too good to be true, it’s most likely not true. It’s most likely fraud. For instance, take this Online Guitar Store Scam Alert….

Mr. Cranky Guitar Hero

See that guitar up there? That’s a Satin Gold, made in the USA, 2017  Gibson Les Paul Tribute T. It is named for and modeled after the guitar used by legendary jazz guitarist Les Paul.

Guild D40 Accoustic Guitar

1985 Guild D40

Well, Mr. Cranky’s been collecting Guitars as of late. A couple years ago, I waltzed into a pawn shop in Arlington and walked out with a 1985 Guild D40. A year later I picked up a used Martin D28.

Then a few months later, Mrs. Cranky (don’t ever call her that if you value your life), another couple and I took a trip to Memphis and Nashville and while in Memphis we did  the Gibson Guitar Factory Tour. All of a sudden, Mr. Cranky needed an electric guitar.  I hadn’t owned an electric since High School. When I got home and started doing research, I found that one of the three major electric guitar manufacturers in the world is just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, in Stevensville Maryland. So before ordering a guild, I decided to visit the Paul Reed Smith (PRS) factory and go on their factory tour.

And Mr. Cranky fell in love. So instead of buying a Gibson, I picked up a PRS SE 24.

And then since, I needed an amplifier, purchased an amplifier, my first amp since I sold my Fender Baseman Amp in high school. One again I was an amplifier owner. And since I owned an amp, I guess I needed an electric acoustic guitar so I bought a PRS SE Angelus A20e. And all was good in the world. That is until….

Online Guitar Store Scam Alert

My guitar was on order and on the way. I was getting a little buyers remorse. Did I get the best deal? I should check and see if I can find a better deal and that’s when  I stumbled on a deal on a US-made Gibson Les Paul Tribute and what an amazing deal. List price $1,348.50 being offered 80% off at $269.70. All of a sudden I needed another guitar.

Now Mrs. Don’t Call Her Cranky, was getting cranky over all these guitars. She views my growing stock of guitars with the same respect that I view Danny Boice. There are a total of 7 guitars in this house. In addition to the new ones, there is a Washburn Acoustic Dreadnought, a Fender Acoustic 12-string, and a Fender Classical Parlor.

But this deal was too good to pass up. It was too good to be true and you know what they say about deals that are too good to be true? They probably are and this one was too good to be true.

Before I found that out, I registered, created an account, made up a stupid password (didn’t want to reveal any of my standard passwords, and used a little used Credit Card.

The transaction was refused with the following message: “Error: merchant ID is invalid.”  Look at the site, they don’t take AmEx and they don’t take PayPal. That’s a problem. Call my card company and put a watch on the card. I sent a message via the contact page which was just a weird email address: I received no reply.

Be aware of it is an online guitar score scam site below! web page

Alert Guitar.Online is an Online Guitar Store Scam Site.

Afterwards, I mentioned the site to a friend. Explaining I thought it was a scam. But he was in the market for a Les Paul. We talked about my experience and I warned him that it is probably a bogus site. The deal was just too alluring. He ordered a guitar using his Debit Card and boom… he received the same error message I received. But then the company tried to take money from his bank account.After checking with the Bank he found out that this is a Beijing-based company, Lansi Co DOT, LTD China and that they have multiple reports of merchant account fraud. They are Bullshit Scammers. So for SEO purposes, I’ll list the URL again for the Online Guitar Score Scam site, Buyer beware. Stay away.

My Goto online Guitar Store – Sweetwater – Not An Online Guitar Store Scam. Sweetwater is a great store. I’m a big fan, they offer great prices, fantastic customer service, and follow-up. I’ve purchased 2 guitars, an Amplifier and other gear from them. So if you want a Les Paul Tribute, get it here: At Sweetwater for $1,099 which is $730 off of list price. My sales engineer is a great guy, Kieth Klikas contact him if you’re looking for a great deal on guitars or gear.

Sweetwater Web Site Les Paul Tribute

Other Online Guitar Scam Sites

Online Scams

Some things to look for when shopping online to guard against scam sites:

  1. Type the URL into the Google Search and review the results.
  2. Be weary if the connection type is http instead of the more secure https. For example, if you look up at my URL, you’ll see that it reads
  3. Look for the padlock on the left side of the url section of your browser. See the difference in online guitar store scam versus Driven Forward’s padlock? 
  4. Does it have a legitimate contact page?
  5. Does it accept all the normal payment types like Amex, Visa, Paypal?

Lastly, I will be interviewing Paul Reid Smith in February for an upcoming blog post. PRS is a great business story. Look for the post.


Now sit back and listen to Les Paul… he ain’t no online guitar store scam.

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