Okay Boomer – Mr Cranky Edition

Born smack in the middle of the boomer generation, this cranky old fart embraces the Okay Boomer responses I get from my kids, my mentees, and my business associations. For all you Boomers, Xrs, Millennials, Zrs and if there are any of you readers from “The Greatest Generation.” what follows are my proud, “Okay Boomer,” inducing pronouncements.

For the uninitiated, I recommend you do a little, Okay Boomer, research.

Start here with this Vox Media article,

“OK boomer” isn’t just about the past. It’s about our apocalyptic future.

It’s not really about age — and it’s more complicated than just memes.

Okay, you all with me now? Groovy <—- Okay Boomer inducing expression.

Here’s Mr. Cranky’s Cranky snap-back at you Boomer haters!!!!

  1. Stop texting me and pick up the damn phone and call me –Okay Boomer
  2. Stop DMing me. If it isn’t worth a phone call, then email it to me. – Okay Boomer
  3. Get the hell out of the house and meet some people. Make some real friends and talk to them, don’t type to them on the firggin phone – Okay Boomer
  4. Don’t tell me you’re a vegetarian because you love animals and not admit you hate plants – Okay Boomer
  5. WeWork is not an office. It’s a noisy, distractive, playground – Okay Boomer
  6. Why don’t you have a car? – Okay Boomer
  7. Really, you want me to hire you and you have a man bun? – Okay Boomer…. Okay Bun Boy
  8. What’s all the crap piled on top of your head boy? Screw the Fade… get a $15 boys regular! – Okay Boomer
  9. Aren’t those jeans a little tight? What are you a girl? – Okay Boomer
  10. How do you pronounce Meme? – Okay Boomer
  11. A nose ring? What are those big things in your earlobe? – Okay Boomer
  12. Why don’t you use a map? A What? A Map! – Okay Boomer
  13. You know, no one is going to hire you with all those tattoos – Okay Boomer
  14. Venmo? Can’t you just write me a check? – Okay Boomer

How about the best of hashtag #OkayBoomer? Hashtag? – Okay Boomer


*By the way, the title picture? That’s Boomer Esiason… possibly the best quarterback to come out of the University of Maryland.