Offering Free Investment & Investor Due Diligence Service

For the last few years, I’ve been researching and reporting on, clowns, scammers, schemers, and scumbags. I’ve been doing due diligence for investors and founders seeking investments. Sometimes it’s as simple as a google search, sometimes, it’s a tip from a source, and sometimes, I have to reach out to my sources.  My due diligence has uncovered:

In the course of my day, I do research to promote my blog which promotes my business. The blog is designed to gain an audience and demonstrate how I apply knowledge, experience, and critical thinking to work with my coaching clients. Readers frequently send me notes of:

  • thanks from those I’ve helped from getting in trouble – Before the Fact
  • requests for help from those that have been damaged – After the Fact
  • tips from those who want to put bad actors on my radar screen – Tips

Here are just a few examples:

Before the Fact

Glen, thank you for your due diligence on Jason Feimster. I found him on Veterati and we had a phone call scheduled today for some mentorship as I transition out of the service. I googled 3Si first and something didn’t click. Then I google’d Juliet Foxtrox Ventures and found the only company they listed was a gun cleaning service…a worthy service but not exactly a 10X start-up. Then I found your pieces on him from this year. I didn’t have anything to invest but thank you for saving me an hour of my life at a minimum. I alerted Veterati as well.

Thank you for your articles. I am a VOB and was contacted by a VC who wanted to invest in my company etc…

I googled the name and saw your article on this individual. Saved me a lot of time researching him.

I was actually considering a senior role at FlimFlam (Trustify) until I came across your posts. I genuinely appreciate your insights, candor, and humor on the organization’s state of affairs.

Thank you kindly!

Name Redacted (with a real MBA- Yale University – School of Management)

I actually just received a service agreement and NDA agreement from 3si and Jason’s Feimster. The only reason why I am concerning this is because I talk to Two of his companies that I found via Facebook messaging and they received their funds and like working with them. But there are a lot of red flags

After the Fact:

I found my name in an article you published about Trustify, listing me as an investor. I don’t know why they were listed as an investment in my angelist profile, I did not invest in Trustify. Please remove my name from that list immediately. Thank you.

I am a private investigator who while doing research on trustify I came across your blog. I worked a case for trustify and have not been paid for the services rendered. I also read where you had been sent a letter to resend your comments. My efforts to collect my payment have gone unanswered. The biggest problem I have is the company statement. something like this: changing the industry by empowering woman and other races and take away business from the ” 1%er white male”. I have over 30 years of law enforcement and private investigations. I have logged hundreds of hours doing surveillance and undercover work.

Their system that is in place does not allow equal distribution of work. In the hundreds of cases that have come out for investigators, I have only gotten one job. I immediately hit the “accept” button for the work and I am never granted the work. After many attempts to resolve this issue of nonpayment, my calls are now being ignored as well as my emails. I am contacting you in hopes that you can help or give me advice to resolve this matter or how I can expose their unscrupulous business actions.

Thank you

Trustify is a joke. As a former contract Investigator for them, I can tell you this. They will at some point not pay you. I know, like me, other Investigators worked for them to fill in the gaps of casework. It’s not worth the risk of nonpayment. – Josh White

I invested in Chalant Health in 2015. Your post said you could help me get my money back? I’m all ears!


I can’t help anyone get blood from a stone. I did send his information to the authorities who are investigating the case.

Hi Glen

I have been admiring your work on Matt Pugsley. You can add my name to the list of cheated investors in US Scan. We have been holding a promissory note from Matt and giving him time to make payments. (there haven’t been any). So I was searching for new detials on where he is living. I found all of your articles…Wow and Thanks! Matt had offered to convert his personal promissory note into chalant health equity. I’m glad I didn’t accept that offer.

I have been asking my attorney, why isn’t the state of VA hunting him down for nothing short of felonious theft of millions of dollars through every possible form of criminal conduct.

Please let me know if I can assist you in any way!

I no longer work for Trustify or Danny Boice. Please remove me from your blog.

Thank you,

From: Angry Anon

RE: Trustify

They didn’t make payroll today. As you celebrate the demise of Trustify, keep in mind there is still a couple dozen people there that work hard who can’t pay rent and bills tonight. They were blindsided. Boice is telling them they’ll get their money later this week. He’s lying of course.

Boice is a sociopath (I don’t know what Melon is but it’s nothing good). Sociopaths are great con artists. Think about that when you throw mud on Klempf.

You can tell Boice’s ex not to worry about custody. His lawyer quit for nonpayment.

Also, and you didn’t hear this from me, Boice is in NYC tomorrow trying to con a few million more bucks from the investors. They were all on Amit’s email, but VCs can be pretty frigging stupid. Connect whatever dots you want.

Boice is causing pain for everyone around him. Melon deserves it (but she’ll whore her way through it). No one else does. Please remember that.

If you use any of this please don’t quote me (please paraphrase). It would hurt someone you don’t know very much, and they are scared enough as it is.



I have to be honest: watching the slow, painful, and public evisceration and downfall of Danny, Jen, and Dumpsterfy has been nothing short of cathartic. Nice work. I’ll be having a nice little toast when that place shuts down for good and Danny and Jen are facing criminal charges.

Former Trustify Employee


Back in March, Danny had this huge think tank meeting with a bunch of people in our Trustify offices. He had a production company come- they were making a feature length documentary about Danny and Jen. He also had a publishing company ghostwriting his autobiography- the first chapter circulated the office. They were at this meeting as well. Danny had a big falling out with the owner of the publishing company a few months later. A PR firm from Boston was there as well- they were working on PR strategies to promote Danny and Jen’s “brand”. Found out later from another employee that Danny was using Trustify money to fund the book and the documentary- she was concerned because Danny was trying to keep this info from the investors. Not sure what happened with everything- saw the film crew in there with Jen in September right before I quit after missed payroll. Bet they’ve got some real interesting stuff.

I can confirm that Trustify is NOT paying vendors and has not paid some vendors in over 3 months. I also would encourage you to look into the third member of the “board”, Alexandra Stanton. I bet she is paying for the $$$ lawyer.

You may be interested to know that our friend Mr. Boice has been in some credit trouble lately. His score is down to the low 600s due to… get this… ‘delinquent accounts’ and ‘low average age of accounts’, aka a lot of new unpaid credit. Just a piece of information that might be interesting for you.

I love the blog and your Trustify pieces. Someone needs to do a piece on Lee Jundanian and his cronies (if you look at public court records in MoCo, bad actors all) stole/scammed/cheated indigent, black lead paint victims in Baltimore. Danny B. fleeces investors, employees, etc. This guy’s company Access Funding took down people he knew were already down and in most cases mentally impaired and destroyed over 100 lives. Clearly, black lives don’t matter to him. This has really not been reported on for the past two years.

He’s got ongoing litigation by the CFPB and Maryland. He needs his profile raised.

Mr. Cranky, crank it up on Access Funding and the former E&Y entrepreneur of the year. He maintains all his assets, as he signed them over to his wife, Nicole and is a real piece of shit worthy of your investigation. Keep up the solid work.

Lee Jundanian is now on my to-do list.

Hello, Glen

you’re right, Trustify doesn’t pay contractors, employees, vendors, not for the first time, it always happens without any explanations or any hint why it happens, when it’ll end.

your blog was once mentioned as troll’s blog who has something personal against D, but as things happens it becomes more and more obvious that there’s a problem inside company and the problem has a name you know.

today I’ve noticed my Trustify google account doesn’t sync anymore, probably disabled.

nobody says nothing essential, Danny just ignores any messages/emails, Matt DL ignores tough questions either

they owe several months paychecks to some people, including me

From: Jane Smith

Thank you for shedding a much-needed light on Jen Mellon & Danny Boice. They are truly the worst kind of soul mates. Are you aware of Jen’s history at Bucknell? It pales in comparison to how they’re tearing Joanne, and running their company, but does show her pattern of being a horrible human being.

1) she had her sights set on becoming a member of the Tri-Delta sorority when she got to campus. The Tri-Delta did not accept her, so she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma but made her mission to exact revenge. She got herself on the Panhellenic board and proceeded to go after Tri-Delt with a vengeance, and eventually succeeded in getting The Whole chapter kicked off campus. )The chapter had been at Bucknell since 1904.)

2) “If she cheats with you, she’ll cheat on you” While at Bucknell, Jen became engaged to a classmate named Pat Alfano. The wedding was fully planned and was to take place in the Bucknell chapel. Shortly before the wedding, Jen hooked up with Pat’s fraternity brother, Eli Peterson. Jen then dumped Pat, left all the wedding plans in place, and just inserted a new groom—Eli. She was with Eli until she ditched him for a guy who (seemed to have) more money to fund the lifestyle to which she felt entitled. 

Please do not reveal my name or email address. I just thought you should be aware of these facts if you were t already. Thank you for all that you’re doing!

Just want to make sure you know about this


Have you crossed paths with Stephen Gilfus? A friend of mine did a deal with him to take over an (admittedly) unsuccessful business and Gilfus made a lot of promises on merging it with one of his businesses, turning it around, and benefitting the seller. None of the promises were kept. However, my friend was only willing to complain to me but not to follow up publicly.

I remember sending you some of the first info on Jason Feimster who you have since exposed to keep the local tech community from being scammed. No guarantee that Gilfus is a bait and switch operator, as he did not inherit a profitable business, but you might want to at least put your Mr. Cranky antennae up.

Other than that, keep up the good work…

From: Anony dude

Danny and Andy used to roll with Thai another dude Chris Lapp Years ago

Government contractor who “made millions”

See what he’s up to now:


I was just scanning posts on LinkedIn and saw yet another egregious bunch of lies by Ross Blankenship that took about 3 clicks to discredit:

Vail Networks has 2 employees according to LinkedIn:

The only guy other than Ross is a fake profile for the company and not an employee (meaning it is a 1 person company):

BUT, on the Vail Networks website:

It implies it is an Inc 5000 company, BUT it is nowhere to be found on the Inc 5000

Separately, the very same Ross Blankenship is an education consultant as shown in this recent Washingtonian article where he is quoted 4 times

Here he is quoted in his Angel Kings persona:

Here he is a Denver guy:

Here are all the companies connected to his 800 number:

If I had another 30 minutes I could likely find more evidence of lies and malfeasance, but that is your strong suit so this is my New Year’s gift to you.

This complete buffoonish clown, Ross Blankenship goes to the top of my target list for 2019. Several people reached out to me about him last year. They included:

  • February 2, 2018: I received a phone call regarding Angel Kings. They contracted with Blankenship to help them raise money and it became quickly evident that he had no contacts in the industry, no clue how to raise money.
  • Update March 15, 2018 – It was reported to me that after a company terminated services with Self-proclaimed, “Angel King,” Ross Blankenship started interfering with employees and the company’s business.


I provide tips to state and federal employees, I’ve am a source for investors when seeking references. Founders seeking money have obtained value from my research. Prospective employees avoided disaster by reading my research and others have damaged their careers and reputations by ignoring the results of my due diligence. Folks are tired of me reporting on the same old broken down crooks and clowns. Which gave me a great idea for a truly symbiotic relationship.

Are you about to make an investment? Are you talking to a potential investor? Are you interviewing with a potential employer? Ask Mr. Cranky, and I’ll do your due diligence for you. I’ll let you know what I know. I’ll poke around and let you know if I see any red flags. And if it seems like there are red flags… I’ll dig in and report.

I’ll do your due diligence.